Month: April 2015

5) Listen to Jim Cymbala for Free

And while you’re waiting on the book to arrive (although, if you ordered the Kindle, you’ll have to listen fast), listen to Jim Cymbala ‘live’ here, giving a talk called, My House Shall Be Called a House...

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6) Rediscover Prayer in this new Book

In the old days, Solomon placed people in the temple to pray and worship full-time. There were people in the Kingdom who invested their lives, just helping other people pray and praise. Fortunately, today, some have rediscovered...

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8) How to Teach Your Kids to Pray

Here’s a book specifically geared toward helping you teach your KIDS to pray… It’ll give you practical helps and inspiring real-life stories that will equip you to teach and mentor your children to become...

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9) How to Cultivate a Daily Relationship with God

This free podcast by John Maempa helps you face the challenge of Cultivating A Daily Relationship With God Through Prayer. John is the Director of the National Prayer Center for the AOG. This talk was recorded while he was there...

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