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In this issue…

1) The Bottom Line: Here’s Your Chance to Empower Brigada
2) Advance Global Coaching: Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions
3) Want to Make a Difference in Syria?
4) School of Cartooning Can Have a Graphic Impact
5) Amused by adverts saying, “Learn Spanish in Seconds”?
6) Uttermost Sports Takes the Word to the Uttermost
7) Using a Christmas Tree to Present the Need to Reach the Unreached
8) What’s the Role of the Local Church in the Community?
9) China Map Shows Percentage of Evangelicals per Province
10) Most Prosperous Nations in Africa
11) USA and Cuba: Let’s be Buds
12) Help for moms – month by month
13) We’re Grateful…
14) The BackPage: As you Drive this Christmas, Try Playing These
15) Closing Stuff