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In this issue…
1) Beginning with this Brigada…
2) David Platt is the New President of the IMB
3) Resources for Families, Children of Missionaries, etc.
4) Hear Mario Joseph’s Testimony on YouTube
5) Creation Care – An Integral Part of Missions?
6) John Piper has a Mean Streak
7) Talk About a *Radical* Idea: How About Giving It All Away?
8) Relationship Helps Free and Ready to Use
9) What’s the Best Conference Calling Solution?
10) Thanks for all the Times Brigada Participants Share the Best
11) Can You Help Sarah Do Reentry Well?
12) The Best Advice on How to Conduct “Concerts of Prayer”
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The BackPage: What does Labor Day Mean to You?
15) Closing Stuff