Beginning with this edition of Brigada Today, we’re making changes in hopes of helping some of our participants with readability. First, several have been complaining that their Brigada arrives with white text on a white background (it’s like a Brigada snow-out — otherwise known as “the case of the vanishing Brigada”). So in this edition, we add a hopefully-subtle background color to each item. If you still have trouble reading this, we’ll never know, because you won’t see this text anyway. :-) Other readers have complained that Gmail is truncating their edition short of the 7th or 8th item. If this is happening in your case, simply click on the link above to read the entire edition on the web, unabridged. Do you have comments on these color or style changes? Other suggestions? Please just click “Comment” immediately below the web version of this item and tell us your idea! We want to make things easier to read for everyone, so if these changes don’t help you, we need to know.