In the book (and movie), “The Never-Ending Story,” a terrible fate is overtaking all the land. A terrible force called the Nothing is eating up the world. As it consumes, in its place, as you might have guessed, it leaves nothing. Atreyu (and the boy, Bastian) and his faithful companion horse, Artax, have to go on a quest to find a way to conquer the Nothing.

At one point, they meet up with Morla, the ancient turtle (turtles?). Atreyu is pleading for help in understanding how to beat the Nothing. He compels Morla, “If you don’t tell me, and the Nothing keeps coming, you will die too, both of you!” Morla merely replies, “Die? Now that, at least, would be *something*.”

Today, I fear many are losing their joy. They experience such a deep sadness that, without outside help, they would sink into a swamp of sadness (like Artax) unless someone miraculously intervenes.

You know, today it feels like many are vulnerable to the Nothing, metaphorically speaking, of course. Many are susceptible to losing their dream and failing to summons the courage to fight against enemy forces like the Swamp of Sadness, G’mork, and the Nothing.

So, in keeping with the great story by Michael Ende (and the movie too), today we ask the question — how can we beat the apathy and apparent lack of courage that some are manifesting today? Do you see it? How can you imagine that we, like Atreyu, could overcome it and raise up a new wave of passionate heroes who won’t quit until every last unreached people group and city have a valid opportunity to know the Ancient of Days, the creator of the Universe.

What’s your answer?

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