Here are the top-ten reasons Brigada is late sometimes:
Reason number 10: We sometimes run low on ink.
Reason number 9: It’s actually the fault of the U.S. Postal Service. We produce the editions on time. They just are slow in delivering them.
Reason number 8: Sometimes the dog eats our homework.
Reason number 7: In an effort to ‘go green,’ we’ve switched to windmills for power generation at our editorial offices. Have you noticed how calm it’s been lately?
Reason number 6: We often get stuck in traffic.
Reason number 5: The internet is sometimes slow… which makes us slow.
Reason number 4: Recent glacier meltdowns seem to have reversed the polarity of the polar ice caps. As a result, many of our words end up printing backwards. DaVinci made it look so easy, but we find it challenging to work all day using these pesky mirrors.
Reason number 3: We continue to receive denial-of-service attacks from competitors (like True Grit and “Mormonism This Week”). But you know what they say — Denial-of-service attacking is the highest form of flattery.
Reason number 2: It’s got to be President Obama’s fault. Just about everything else is.
And the #1 reason Brigada is sometimes late: This is labor of love. Sometimes we just don’t love you as much. No, actually, I’m kidding. The truth is, when we travel, or when our work load swells at Team Expansion, or when it’s the time of the year when we coach soccer (which is now), or all of the above, please forgive. We work as hard as we can to churn these out and we’ll keep trying to do better. :-) Thanks for grace. Doug