Some have asked why Brigada doesn’t do what everybody else is doing these days… Why not just encode the weblink in the text so we don’t have these long URL’s with which to contend. In other words, most web sources just say, “Click to learn about aquaponics,” whereas Brigada says, “Find the information at…

[http:// web link on a separate line]

So… wanna know why we do that? We’re sure it’s a hobby horse and by the looks of the web, it’s one we’re losing. But here’s our reasoning. Some people forward their email version of Brigada Today to others in their church, org or team. (What, you say, doesn’t everybody?) Some of our readers still prefer using very simple email clients, some of which, when forwarding, ‘strip’ those encoded links down to simple text. So “Click to learn” becomes unclickable. But listing the URL separately still communicates the source.

But secondly, many people don’t look before they click. (This, by the way, we find exceedingly unsettling.) So they don’t really SEE where they’re going. By listing the URL, we give the user an easy way to “copy and paste” the link.

But the most important reason is that some of our readers PRINT Brigada Today and pass it to others in printed form. Trying “clicking” on a printed page. You’re dead in the water. Not only can you not click on it, but in addition, the source is lost. Only Brigada (and others who actually SHOW you the URL) continue to be useful when passed along in this way.