Hats off to the above-and-beyond “True Fan” of Brigada in Virginia for empowering Brigada forward with a $150 gift this past week! The partner wrote, “I appreciate you as a long time beneficiary of the information, insight, and resources you provide through Brigada. My wife & I are currently mobilizing our church and community by coordinating a Perspectives class  (www.perspectives.org) with the hope to see effective outreach to internationals locally and a strategic effort by our congregation to reach an unreached and unengaged people group with the Gospel.  Thank you for your help in exposing God’s heart to my own!” God bless you!!! By sending this gift, this True Fan helped empower us to send out Brigada to thousands of users to virtually every nation all over the planet. Thank you!

We also received $34.85 from Insurance Services of America…


They provide insurance plans for those who need international health, and travel insurance, as well as those who want to be reimbursed if their travel plans change or are interrupted by anything in any way. I’ve had to collect before — and it works.

If you’d like to join in with a gift or gifts to undergird Brigada, just navigate to …


then click “Donate” in the upper right and follow the instructions. By the way, you don’t need a PayPal account to give. If you reach a screen asking for your PayPal I.D., look on the left side of the screen, about halfway down, and find the prompt which says, “Continue without a PayPal Account.” If you’d rather send an old-fashioned check, just make it payable to Team Expansion and send it to:

Team Expansion (Brigada),
13711 Willow Reed Dr.,
Louisville, KY 40299

(And by the way, Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.)