Month: October 2012

Brigada Today for Sunday, 28 of October, 2012

“Brigada might be called a megaphone for the Christian missions community.  For over 17 years Brigada has provided a unique blend of Great Commission news, gatherings, practical ideas and tips.  Every issue is full of...

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1) You can achieve full funding in six months

Hundreds of faith ministry workers are now building their full financial partnerships in six months or less. KCT trainees, whether new appointees, foreign assigned or home assigned, are now receiving over $30,000,000 in annual...

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2) Get an Advanced Copy of Any3 Witnessing Tool

Any3 is a reproducible, highly effective model for witnessing in contexts hostile to Christianity. Originally developed by a team working with Muslims, it has been tested and refined in many contexts and become a standard part...

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5) If You Oversee Distance Learning…

You might want to check out the MAF webpages on the subject. For example, see… For some of the software products that MAF is tweaking. Each offers something unique.

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Me Without You

Trying to do missions without Him would be … well… frustrating, weary, and impossible. So if your day is dull, maybe return to Him.

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6) Free, Helpful Stuff for Bible Storytellers

Gotta hand it to Ray. He’s a promoter of Bible storytelling. He was willing to put together a small website with helpful tips for those wishing to learn more about how to communicate with Oral Learners – who make up...

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9) Children’s Lessons on the Persecuted Church

Sunday, November 4 is International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Stand4Kids created two lessons to involve children and youth in learning about persecution of believers. These can be used this coming weekend —...

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10) Looking for an Affordable Emailer Solution?

You might try We recently received a note from a Brigada subscriber who wondered why we went with iContact instead (when we transitioned Brigada away from GoogleGroups and YahooGroups). We happen to use both...

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11) New CD of Moroccan Christian Songs

Seems like a good deal, this. Here’s a worker, focused on North Africa, willing to send you a brand new free CD of Moroccan Christian songs. He says he isn’t going to charge for the CD; just for shipping. He’s...

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