Month: July 2012

2) Shop 1636 Christian Ebooks —

Count ’em. 1636. And some are so affordable, they’re cheaper than iPhone apps. eBooks about boundaries, ebooks about the Bible, ebooks about small groups, ebooks about strategies, ebooks by Zondervan, ebooks about...

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3) Learn Orality in Orlando —

Unleash the Power of Bible Storying in Your Unreached People Group! Register online for Orlando, Florida Bible storying training, Oct 1 – 5, at   Learn to produce an audio recording...

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4) Support Raising Solutions Boot Camps —

Personal Support Raising Boot Camp is an intense two-day training seminar to help Christian workers get to their ministry assignment quickly and fully funded. Whether you are just starting out or are a veteran in support...

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5) Once more, Thanks… —

…To the author of “Missionaries and Bribes” for the very kind and gracious gift of $30 this past week! God bless you! …To a cross-cultural worker, combined with the church he used to serve, for the way...

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6) TESOL training course in Asia —

Learn to teach English with Asia’s Center for TESOL, January 7-February 8 2013 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Asia’s Center for TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) conducts intensive, five-week courses...

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7) Smart Phone Service for the (U.S.) Masses —

Need a smart phone? Shane’s got your number. $49/month Unlimited Voice/Text/Data, 4G speed. Can’t stomach the cost? No worries. Solavei, a new cellular provider, might be just for you. Their product is simple: A...

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8) Learn the Arab Bible — Quick! —

ArabBible (version 4.2 for Mac or Windows) is a powerful and innovative software tool, designed to help English–speakers interactively learn the Classical Arabic of the New Testament (plus Genesis, Psalms, Isaiah and Jonah). It...

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9) Yammer: We’re lovin’ it —

If you haven’t already given it a try, you might be surprised how much you and your team will like it. Just browse to…   Fill out the brief form so that your domain is recognized,...

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11) The BackPage: Like a Frog in a Kettle —

In national emergencies like the tsunami in northeastern Japan, we can see and understand the urgency. Huge waves overturning three-story buildings have a way of getting our attention. But more subtle changes can sneak up on us....

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2) Dreams and Visions and Muslim Conversion —

Here’s an historical, cultural, biblical and missiological assessment of how dreams and visions are used of God, in particular, in bringing Muslims to faith in Christ. In addition to offering an explanation of the...

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