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1) On Your Next Home Service: Visit a Minnesota Lakeside Getaway —

Lakeside Christian Church offers a sweet 2 bedroom walk-out apartment right on a lovely Minnesota lake at an affordable rent to missionaries and other Christian workers in transition.  Learn more at … 


Click on “Serving You”, then “Living Waters Missionary Housing”. (And thanks to these folks for pitching in to Brigada this past week — and by doing so, they received top #1-spot billing.)

2) The Book, “When Helping Hurts,” Has Launched a Network —

You’ve read the book. Now you can join the network. Help foster interaction with the poor in ways that uphold the dignity God has bestowed upon every human being. Help start an asset-based movement that enables people who are poor to flourish. The Helping Without Hurting Network is a place to ask questions, access leading resources on poverty alleviation, and connect with others working to proclaim the Kingdom of God in their communities. As a member of the Helping Without Hurting Network you will have access to a wealth of resources on poverty alleviation issues, dynamics, and interventions, including:

*** Articles

*** Tools

*** Links

*** Recommended Books

*** Videos

*** Diagrams from When Helping Hurts

*** Quarterly Webinars and/or Podcasts with Chalmers staff and leading experts in Helping Without Hurting

*** A Forum to engage with other members and Chalmers staff through sharing questions, experiences, ideas, and thoughts

*** A regularly updated Blog maintained by Chalmers staff on asset-based practice and the role of the Church in helping the poor

To join, visit



3) Here’s a Great Option for Personal Water Filtering —

These folks have some fantastic options for making your water safe to drink. Each stand-alone, gravity-fed Berkey® filter …

* stops 99.999999% of bacteria, cysts and parasites,

* reduces viruses by at least 99.999%,

* removes the most common toxins in tap water,

* assembles easily (NO installation/maintenance),

* requires NO power, pressure, or chemicals,

* lasts years before needing replacement filters,

* costs less than $.02/gal for filters, and

* purifies fresh water from any source!


Learn more about Berkey filters at


To get details or share in this group discount (on counter-top filters and portable water filter bottles), email


4) Consider this Alternative for Skype Video —

Is it just me — or have you noticed lately that Skype video conferences seem to be dropping somewhat in quality? If you feel the same, would you be willing to try out this alternative service and give your feedback? The service is


We heard about it last week courtesy a very kind Mission Aviation Fellowship staffer. It’s completely free, allows peer to peer screen sharing and even webinar-like features such as screen sharing — so you can even allow someone remotely to work on your laptop, while you discuss it. Should be a great “poor man’s GoToMeeting.” Did I mention it’s completely free? :-) There are add-on premium services, but it looks as if they’re most relevant in enterprise settings. Granted, for larger webinars in which you want a special speaker to be able to address a group, Vsee doesn’t seem as appropriate (there’s no way to hush all the group members; they have to mute themselves). But for smaller get-togethers and prayer sessions, it seems like an answered prayer!

5) Counseling Major Requests Your Input on Repatriation Adjustment —

Here’s an educational psych and counseling student at the Univ. of Oklahoma (in the USA) who would love to get your input on a survey. You only need to be over 18, have served overseas at least once and have returned to the United States at least once. Mission trip experiences are AOK too. The study reportedly can be completed entirely online in approximately 15-20 minutes. All information provided will be kept completely confidential. To take part, go to:

6) Learn Community Health Evangelism, Visit Brigada! —

Want to learn CHE and visit the Emerald Hills Campus, where Brigada is produced, all at the same time? Now you can! This is a CHE TOT1 course, led by Stan Rowland, the guy who some say virtually invented it, at a price so low it seems impossible. Learn more at…


This particular CHE will add a major focus on urban, intercity, and USA components, but there will still be the familiar core that is taught in every TOT1 course around the world.

8) First Session of Online Counseling is Free —

Struggling with an issue? Need some unbiased input? Give it a try for free before deciding to continue. Care Port Counseling provides online video counseling to people working abroad. After the first session, fees are still minimal (and negotiable). All you need is fairly high speed internet (for video streaming), Skype and a webcam. Services are provided by a licensed counselor with 10 years’ experience counseling missionaries. For questions or more info check out

9) Still 10 Seats Left for High Impact Volunteer Training —

The High Impact Executive Course (E1) is an intensive 3-day training event for leaders who work with volunteers. Led by Al Newell and Associates, the same people who have trained the staff, leaders and volunteers of Voice of the Martyrs, Samaritans Purse (Operation Christmas Child), and Compassion International, to name a few, plus many others. It’s a Biblical model for working with volunteers, revealing the best practices for recruiting, selecting, training, leading and developing volunteers and volunteer leaders. Many who take this training and implement the principles have seen immediate and continued improvement and effectiveness in their volunteer ministries.

This training is among the best in the country. It’s available for $795 per person and is being staged in Louisville, KY at the Fairfield Inn and Suites on the east side of the city (Exit 17, I-64). It’ll start on the evening of April 15th, 2012

and finishes on Wednesday April 18th around 5:00 p.m.

You have the evenings free. If you’re interested,  inform Eric by emailing

ederryatteamexpansiondotorg or calling 502-813-2046 (tell him that you heard about it on Brigada). He will send you a link, and you will need to then Register On-line using that link. You’ll then pay Team Expansion, thereby becoming part of our “block” of tickets. We’ll pay High Impact with one check. If there are any discounted seats left, Eric will inform you when you contact him. (From Doug: I’ll be attending the training myself and it would be great to meet you personally.)

11) We Give Thanks —

*** …for the gift from 911Water — $1.35 — because Tim S. purchased a water bottle from their service. Learn more about their filtered water bottle systems at… 

*** …for the gift of $15 from a participant in Cambridge, MN.

*** …for the Mid-South Office of Perspectives, the course that has helped change our world and shape missions in this new century. Learn more at…

Learn about the regional offices at…

(Note: This last link will “wrap.” If you have trouble copying it and pasting it into your browser, just log on to Brigada today online and find this same item posted there. We’ll make sure the link works on our site. Thanks.)

*** Thanks to The Mission Network, Anacortes, WA, for another monthly gift of $100 to undergird Brigada’s global ministry! We appreciate you! (If you or your church would like to add Brigada to your monthly budget, please let us know if you’d like us to visit at your convenience. We’ll be there!)

*** Thanks to World Outreach Missions, Tucker, GA, for the incredibly encouraging gift of $200.

*** Thanks to Good Neighbor Insurance for the donation of $100. Learn more about Good Neighbor at:

12) The BackPage: “Serving as Senders Today” is a Great New Resource —

Neal Pirolo has done it again. His new updated and refreshed copy of “Serving as Senders,” adds the word “Today,” thereby taking this long-held standby resource to a whole new level. Similar to his early work, he writes chapters on the Need for Senders, along with chapters on Moral Support, Logistics, Financial, Prayer, and Communication — but adds a focus on Reentry Support and tons of new Resources. He also includes a Group Leader’s Guide. I couldn’t find a section with web links, and therefore couldn’t find Brigada — but maybe I just missed it. Aside from being marred by such a huge oversight [:-) tongue firmly in cheek], this is a great book that should be on all our shelves. What do you think of Pirolo’s new work? Just click Comment below to sound off.

1) Learn to Use Visual Arts to Communicate the Gospel —

The School of Frontier Media [SFM] is a six-month, second-level YWAM school, devoted to training individuals in using visual arts to communicate the Gospel in ways that are both innovative and culturally relevant. They equip you in your endeavor to make Christ known through means that not only allow the least reached to hear, but see and experience the truth. Learn more at…


They have a course coming up June 29 through Dec. 14 2012. It begins with 3 months of training in Chiang Mai, Thailand, then takes off internationally on a 4-week media safari.

2) “Missionaries and Bribes” Policies needed —

Ron is writing a book about missionaries and bribes.  He would like to have an appendix containing some good mission agency policies about bribes.  He will include them without mentioning the name of the agency.  If you are willing to share your policy with missionaries and other agencies, please click in a “Comment” below (this item on the web) and paste them into the comment box and, if you would be so kind, send a copy of them to




Of course, he is also interested in other information about bribes and would be delighted to receive guidelines, position papers, and any other written information you have either from your agency or from your own personal thinking. (Thanks, too, to GO InterNational, Wilmore, KY, for sending a $30 gift connected with this project.)

3) Check out This Prayer Campaign as a Model for Your Own —

Get this: Pray4Tunisia now has over 40,000 who are praying daily for the requests sent by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc. God is raising up an army of intercessors for this country and her people. Check out this prayer movement at


Consider joining if you haven’t yet. Eric, a great friend of Brigada and a hard worker at Team Expansion, wrote this past week, “I just received my Thanks for Praying for 1 year with us! E-mail of gratitude and congratulations from them.


I really enjoy praying for this country and her peoples because the prayer requests have been well thought through and are in alignment with the 10 fruitful practices and disciplines of church multiplication movements.


I know they have plans to now add Portuguese as one of the languages of the site. AND soon they will be announcing a new application for your i-phones and androids regarding even more intense prayer opportunities for what God is doing!

4) Nanny still Needed in Rome, Italy —

A couple on the outskirts of Rome with two young boys, ages 3 and 5, are still in need — more than ever — of child care while the mother works (only the father speaks English). The father is involved in outreach to Bangladeshi people, discipling Italians and tutoring Distance Study students, and helping in a Refugee ministry. They have a spare room with an adjacent bathroom and will provide free room, lunch, and dinner (so you only need to purchase your own breakfast food). They need someone from now (immediately) until the 30th of July 2012. This is a great chance to experience some aspects of multi-cultural Rome and to learn more about the country of Italy. Thanks for praying and thanks for sharing this need with others who might respond. Those who wish to apply for this voluntary short-term missionary task can apply through


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