Year: 2010

5) Mission Challenge Short Story —

“Emlyn and the Far Pools” is now available as an illustrated narration on YouTube, and can also be downloaded in WMV format, from HD for use in meetings, down to mobile phone format:...

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6) Great Free Tool for Language Learning — ties the proven technical advantages of the computer driven language with the miracle of social networking and the building of relationship as you learn. And it is free. As you build your proficiency...

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7) Six Keys to Finishing Strong —

Starting is easy, but finishing makes the difference. In this new book, “Finish”, learn what it takes to complete what you start. Included in the book is a journal on finishing while living in Harbin, China. Quitting...

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8) Adopt a Prefecture for Prayer —

127 million Japanese form the 2nd largest UPG in the world. 15 million live in Japan’s 1800 unchurched rural areas (URAs) where 1 in 1000 are Christian.  Disproportionately few missionaries and pastors in Japan work among...

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9) Make an Impact in China —

1.4 billion people are waiting to hear the gospel in China. You can be part of reaching them. Equip and empower China focused missionaries for life and ministry by sponsoring them in their language and cultural studies. Your...

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10) We Give Thanks! —

Thanks to the family in California that sent $1000 with this note: “This is intended as a one-time gift to help tide you over during tough economic times, and is because I appreciate the news items in your blog.”...

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1) Breathe Conference in Switzerland

Breathe is a 10-day retreat happening June 22-July 2, 2011 in Switzerland designed for the renewal of singles, couples and families who serve in cross-cultural settings. Under the guidance of professionals with years of...

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6) Bible storying training —

Experience 5 days of Bible storying in beautiful Orlando, Florida with Campus Crusade for Christ and learn to train others. This trainers’ training on Feb 28- Mar 4, 2011, is for individuals, churches, and mission...

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