Month: July 2010

1) We’re Catching up by Friday —

That’s our goal anyway. Brace yourself for a flurry of Brigadas. :-) And once this one is done, you’re through with July. Doesn’t August sound a lot closer to October than July did? :-)

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3) Online Scripture Resources Indexed —

Want to know who has a Scripture resource available for a specific language? Want to be able to see it, read it or hear it online? Check out the resources indexed on the Joshua Project website at...

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5) ACMC is cranking up the regional conferences —

It is not uncommon for the missions leadership in a church to turn over about every 3 years. Finding ways to train them quickly is key. ACMC conferences are a quick, easy, and accessible way to do that. Typically they deal with...

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6) Prayer Request for the Himba Of Namibia —

While travelling in northwest Namibia, two missionaries visited a Himba village.  The Himba live in a tribal setting, away from modern conveniences.  Their clothes are made from animal skins, their skin is covered in red ochre,...

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