… For “an anonymous by very appreciative missionary” in Budapest, for his gift of $50. Thank you!

… For a Hoosier “True Friend,” who sent $100 this past week, saying “Thanks for Brigada!”

… For a new friend from the UK hosting a web page at…


with an amazing number of links on it! Whoa… if we could just learn all these! … and embrace all this information! Shew. Either way, thanks for the amazing $200 gift!

… For a “True Friend” of Brigada, most recently from the great state of Texas, but now headed to the Middle East for His Name’s sake, who sent $100 to empower Brigada! Thanks!!

… For a retired missionary, and a great friend of Brigada, with much appreciation for his gift of $50, mainly to ask us to promote a network to reach the Azerbaijani people. Gotta love it. Please visit them at…


… For a great friend from the great state of Oklahoma, in appreciation for a gift of $50 to empower Brigada out the door and onto computer screens around the world.