With over 320 projects completed, and many in hand, Wycliffe has put into electronic format Scriptures, Bible stories, dictionaries, literacy aids, translation guides, textbooks, and other Christian related materials. Although they only work in Roman script material there is so much that could be revised, reprinted, used for additional translation, if only you had it in electronic format. In Scripture they work to the best practice guide for USFMs and all files are in Unicode. Their aim is to help you by doing work to speed up progress for you or take something that you need, but were not sure how to get it done. All their work is done free of charge and they work with a good team (over 400 strong) who are skilled in getting high quality results for you.

In fact, maybe you have some “work in progress” that they can help with – anything from first draft manuscripts to old publications no longer in print? Or a precious translation that took years to produce and needs archiving in electronic format to preserve it for all time even if bound copies get lost or decay?  If so, visit them at the site above or write,