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To use the site, send your proposed user name, along with a paragraph of your proposed training course, to:


If your course is a match for Brigada’s long-term goals for training cross-cultural workers, we’ll invite you to make an initial donation to Brigada/Training. The amount is up to you ($125 suggested). Please drop us an email once you’ve made the donation, enclosing the email address you used to make the donation — either using PayPal or Authorize.net (both available in the upper right of any Brigada page). Once we’ve received the donation, we’ll register you then send your confirmed user name (usually within 24 hours), along with an upgraded status (to Course Content Creator) and you’ll be off and running, preparing your online class for future willing workers. What’s more, you can ask participants to pay a program fee, then use your own PayPal account to collect the “tuition.” This could turn training into an income stream for your ministry. (Note: After 12 months, to continue using Brigada/Training, we’ll invite you to make a donation on an annual basis, with the amount, again, being whatever the Lord leads you to give — $125 suggested). We’ll offer limited tech support, but will point course creators to book-length user guides regarding the software package we’re using for these distance education courses (Moodle). Try it today! Teach something specific to your own agency, or go for a broad topic that we can promote here in Brigada. The choice is yours — and you can create an unlimited number of courses. (Note: We reserve the right to ask heavy graphic file users to make additional donations if course creators start getting careless with high res file sizes or endless quantities of pictures.)