You’ve *got* to see these to appreciate them…

Here’s an artist (“Shawn”) who has the coolest moonlighting hobby. Shawn hunts down one-of-a-kind aged books, removes most of the original pages, then replaces them with parchment pages upon which you can write your journal – or take notes — or make plans — or draw sketches — or dream — or write about the grandkids — or whatever it is you need to say. And instead of being locked up inside of a hard drive (which you then might forget to back up), these priceless pages are “always on”, “0% down time” records of your thoughts. What’s more, your journaled notes now become somehow… like a priceless work of poetry or part of an ancient scrawl that Indiana Jones would carry into a previously-undiscovered cave in Ecuador. Imagine what great Christmas gifts these babies would make.

Now here’s the really cool part: For the next 7 days (beginning today, real-time, November 8th), Shawn pledges to give 1/2 of all sales to Brigada. Get this — not just *your* purchases, but instead, 1/2 of *all* sales! So send your friends, write up this guy on your facebook page, and tell your supporters. May we buy him out, lock, stock, and barrel. :-)

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