Perhaps you’ve noticed the new way we’re converting email addresses for use in Brigada’s website. We first tried an online conversion program, but because several users feared that it was somehow going to keep track of the email addresses (and spam them), we switched to a new approach where we use a piece of software running locally. That software, a free program, is something you can download and use as well. It serves as a graphical viewer — and a great one at that. The name of the program is Irfanview. Find it at:

Note that its publishers claim that IrFanView is one of the most popular file viewers in the world. Imagine that … and it’s free (for non-profit use). Anyway, for our own use here, at the advice of a reader, we just copy the email address to the clipboard, paste it into IrfanView, then immediately post the resulting graphic to the respective web page by using any FTP software. (If you don’t know what that is, maybe better get some help first.) By changing email addresses to a *picture*, instead of text, we’re leaving spammers out to lunch, yet you can still copy down the address for your resulting email.