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  1. REPORTEDLY THE LOWEST PHONE RATES ON INT’L CALLS — United World Telecom reportedly offers some of the lowest phone rates around. They specialize in low rates to Africa, South American and Asia. You can reportedly use the service in callback form from any country in the world, from any phone in North America using UWT’s toll free number, and can even get your own US “follow me” toll free number to give to friends and family. All calls to this private toll free number will be automatically re-directed to your phone number of choice anywhere in the world. Very convenient and great to give to supporters, friends and family — especially since it can be used by travelers! There are no sign-up fees, no monthly minimum fees. You ONLY pay for the calls you make, and there’s even online sign up and online billing. The quality is excellent and the cost of calls are the same regardless of direction (Japan to USA is 10 CPM – USA to Japan is also 10 CPM). To learn more about Callback, how it works and how to sign up online visit: or write with any questions that you might have.

  2. HOW’D BRIGADA TODAY GET RID OF THE YAHOOGROUPS ADS? — That seems to be one of the most popular questions asked these days. Here’s the scoop: Back when we were distributing Brigada Today via eGroups, the eGroups people offered a special whereby you could pay a fee to “buy out” the ads. Next thing you know, Yahoo purchased eGroups and the whole thing became YahooGroups. Since that time, I haven’t been able to verify that YahooGroups offers the same deal — but they *did* apparently “grandfather” us in without ads, to honor the previous deal that eGroups had sold. So — the bottom line: I don’t know of any way that new YahooGroups moderators can get rid of those pesky ads on current groups. They can be fairly . . . risque’, eh? Have you seen the one with the scantily clad lady and that bothersome wireless Internet video camera? Yikes. I asked my son, who in the world would want to buy a wireless Internet video camera anyway, and then we saw an ad in the local newspaper about how that little gizmo had become one of the most popular-selling items on the Net. Great. And our groups just keep boosting it along. :-) Anyway… sorry I can’t be of more help! Maybe some Brigada participant has figured them out!

  3. ALONG THE INDIAN ROAD — Catch a Seminar in Hindu Awareness on Saturday 29 June 2002 in Greater Vancouver, Canada the U.S. Centre for World Mission (Institute of Hindu Studies Division), sponsored by the Dusty Sandals Society. Learn about Hinduism & Contextualization – A Critique; Christ Movements in the Hindu World; Expressing Worship of Christ in Hindu Contexts; Challenges to Contextualization. Through HL Richard, Vern Middleton, David Manuel. For more info, log on at: or write or call 604.277.7233 (that must be a Canadian number).

  4. TESOL IN LEBANON, PA — Here’s a TESOL course, June 17 to July 12, 2002, with an optional outreach to Crimea, Ukraine. Another course is slated for September 23 – October 18, 2002. For info, write .

  5. DIAL-ABROAD.ORG -– Here’s a service helps missionaries and other expatriates living abroad stay in touch by providing options and recommendations for international long distance phone calls. Organizers there have reportedly saved users lots of money both on home assignment and on the field. Check it out at: (Note that by using one of these services, you’ll be helping referrer Andy and his ministry in Japan, .)

  6. CIU GRAD COURSE IN BUDAPEST — If you are interested in earning a Master’s Degree in Europe or in supplementing your study and professional development with grad level courses, Columbia International University is offering a degree program that may be completed by attending 2-week intensive courses in Budapest and Germany. The next course in Budapest, “Cross-Cultural Communication” is scheduled for August 26 through September 6, 2002. Write for more information.

  7. DRAMA & MISSIONS — Want to use your love of drama to call harvesters into cross-cultural missions? Wycliffe’s new Dinner Theatre, set in the Philippines, needs all kinds of personnel: actors (Filipino- looking actors especially needed), backstage manager, technician, house manager and kitchen manager. Travel the Western USA and parts of the South with room and board provided. They’re just now making decisions on casting, through the end of June. Fall Tour is Sept-Nov, with Spring Tour being Feb-May. Contact Mark Eaton for details: , 800-269-2007, 503-652-1662, .

  8. REACH THE UNREACHED — Learn to be a more powerful communicator for Christ by signing up for “Communication and the Biblical View of Man” (COM 301), Nov. 18, 2002 through Feb. 7, 2003 in sunny Hawaii, USA. Contact Jean Hartley at or fax 808-326-4446. They offer assistance to eligible students from developing nations. Visit Youth With a Mission’s University of the Nations website for a course application .

  9. INFO ON FILTERED ISP’S NEEDED — With all the garbage floating around on the internet and with many reports of Christians falling prey to the lure of pornography, now may be a good time to switch to a family-friendly Internet Service Provider (ISP). Chuck is looking for a filtered ISP (one that prevents access to pornographic sites) that provides good service at a low cost. Can you suggest one that can be accessed from most overseas locations? Send information on your favorite with details such as customer service, connection reliability, etc. to Chuck at . Chuck will report back on his findings later.>

  10. SHARPEN YOUR INTERPERSONAL SKILLS — International Training Partners offers Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills Workshops in different parts of the world. These five-day, highly interactive workshops focus on biblical application of skills in relating to one another and to the host people. An upcoming workshop hosted by Campus Crusade For Christ will be held in Orlando, FL, June 5-11. Contact Paul at for information. Go to for details on all of the workshops and information on ITP. If your mission is interested in sponsoring a SYIS workshop, contact Paul.

  11. BIBLE STORYING CONFERENCE — Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will host an Advanced CBS Conference on Jan. 10-13, 2003 in Fort Worth. This conference is for people who have (1) done a worldview study of a people group, (2) prepared a story list for the group, and (3) storied with the group. The format of the conference will give ample time for participants to share what they have done in storying, how it has worked, what problems have arisen, and how they have dealt with them. Participants will learn about the latest materials that have been developed, how storying is being used in leadership development and theological education, and continuing research into orality and communication. … For the benefit of people wanting to get started in using storying, Southwestern will also be hosting an Introduction to Chronological Bible Storying workshop Jan. 13-17, 2003. For more info. write or call 817-923-1921, ext. 2440.

  12. YWAM DTS IN PA — Catch the YWAM DTS in Lebanon, PA., a five month course broken into two parts. 1st part-3 months of teaching, topics ranging from the character of God to a life style of repentance. 2nd part-2 month outreach to Cambodia. The school begins October 21, 2002, and ends March 7, 2003. For information e-mail .

  13. ARISE SHINE MOROCCO (ASM) – The Year of Prayer is well underway with participants in 50+ nations. ASM is still seeking churches, groups, and intercessors to join the fray. Email prayer bulletins are sent out twice per month. Short-term outreach teams are forming. An English-language video with seven short programs about Morocco including one for children is available in both NTSC and PAL formats. Spanish and Portuguese versions are now in process. The 64-page “52 Weeks of Prayer for Morocco and Its Peoples” prayer guide is available in English, French, German, Dutch and Korean print versions. The “52 Weeks” text is also available for downloading from the ASM website in these same languages plus Spanish, Afrikaans, Chinese and soon in Portuguese. The prayer guide is purposely undated so that it may be used to begin a year of prayer at any time. For more information please go to the website at: or email ASM at: .>

  14. ATTENTION: PARENTS OF GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOLERS — Do you want your son or daughter to have an intellectually resilient Christian worldview coupled with a heart for the nations that will survive college? Are you a missionary wondering how to transition your son or daughter into American college life? If so, then INSIGHT might be for you. The US Center for World Mission is now preparing to run its second year of the INSIGHT program (Intensive Study of Integrated Global History and Theology) on its Pasadena campus, beginning in the fall 2002. Referred to by Dr. Ralph Winter as a “30 year idea”, INSIGHT is designed as a one-year freshman level study program that provides 30 units of general education transferable credit through Northwestern College. INSIGHT prepares students for their college years by giving them a globally aware, mission-minded, big picture, biblically-based foundation. See the web site at or email or call 626-398-2104 for more information.>