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Brigada Logo Brigada, pronounced “bree-GAH-dah”, is the rough equivalent (in Russian, Spanish, and even Filipino!) of a “brigade.” The idea is to stand side by side to pass buckets of hope for those most in need of Christ’s eternal message! Check out nearly 5 years of weekly back issues at See recent back issues and links at Brigada Today is compiled by Doug Lucas, Louisville, KY.


The word on the street is that IBM has the most points of presence around the world, in the most countries… . . check it out. Let us know if you hear otherwise.


books It was only a matter of time. With an inventory as large as the planet Mars itself, we knew it wouldn’t be long. So now they’ve done it. has opened a Christian site to feature Christian books, Bibles, music, videos, electronic cards, and toys and games. The Store will help shoppers find and discover tens of thousands of Christian products, all in a searchable and easy-to-navigate dedicated Christian environment. You’ll find the latest from folks like Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Jars of Clay, dc Talk, and many others. There are tons of videos, toys, and just about every book in the world! You can go there directly by seaming together this URL. Note that it’ll be on two lines, so you’ll have to cut and paste it together in your browser’s URL address box:

Truth in advertising disclaimer: If you decide to buy anything at the above store, it won’t cost you a penny more, but Brigada will receive a small thank-you gift from I guess it’s a way to support Brigada without actually having to pay any subscription costs. Check it out!



The electronic “online” version of the Global Prayer Digest premiered just one month after Brigada Today (i.e., around Feb. 15, 1995). You can still get it today! Just send a note to brigada-pubs-globalprayerdiges-subscribe@XC.Org. Remember there’s no “t” in digest!


Are you ready for 2000? Get prepared by attending ISFM: “Issues for the Future of Frontier Missions in the New Millennium,” this Sept. 18-20 in Virginia Beach, VA. Join in for dynamic discussion, prayer and presentations by Dr. Ralph Winter, Boyd Morris, Dr. Rick Love, Dr. Nancy Huff, Carol Davis, Dr. Bob Blinco, Dr. Thom Wolf and Joe Souzzo. Contact Amy for info.


Global Missions Fellowship, has developed a new tool to help people share the gospel in every country of the world. Evange-Cube is a rubix-cube like object in size. The cube is designed to unfold 8 times, each fold revealing a new picture. With each picture the facts of the gospel are revealed. The cube is very simple to use and creates its own opportunities to share the gospel. Because it is ‘visual’ and so unique, it attracts incredible attention. The cube comes with an ‘instruction page’ which guides you through a dialogue and key Scriptures to use ‘as you unfold the answer to life’s greatest puzzle’. The Evange-Cube can be viewed at Global Missions Fellowship can be contacted at 1-800-5-I-CAN-GO in the USA or 972-783-7476, or at Cubes are $5.95 plus shipping and handling. Churches, mission agencies, youth groups, children’s ministries, Bible schools, outreach groups, etc. can make effective use of this easy to use evangelism tool. Don’t miss this cutting-edge unique tool for personal evangelism. It looks pretty cool, I’ll have to admit!


WebWatch Can it be? Is it possible? Yes, it’s true! Mission Frontiers Magazine has soared into a whole new dimension with the latest addition to their web site called “MF News Central” They’ve put together a huge collection of Mission and Christian news, US & World News as well as research links for studying unreached peoples. You can check it out at If you are preparing for a prayer journey in October be sure to check out the global weather reports, travel advisories, prayer resources and people profiles and more. They are continually working to improve this wonderful collection so feel free to pass on your suggestions for the best news and research sites to Rick at


book There’s a new book out there, Dying to Live, that, according to some, paints a very accurate picture of the driving forces and opportunities for mission in the 21st century. Future technologies will open a world never reached before. Spiritual leaders everywhere are moving fast to fill the vacuum. Read the reviews of this important book by Thomas Hohstadt at, or click on the link below to go immediately to the book’s web page. Obtain additional information through Note that the URL below will probably be “wrapped” on your email screen. You’ll have to cut and paste it in two halves and reconstruct it in the URL box of your browser:


[Ho-hum.] Well, there’s [yawn] yawning face yet another site giving away free voicemail. [sigh] :-) I’m joshing of course. It’s great that sites like uReach (mentioned last week) are offering toll-free voicemail. It makes onebox (see them on the web at ) look cheap! But I guess if you happen to live in one of the few places where onebox has a local access number, then the onebox approach is sound, because all your friends would have a local number to call to leave you messages — and there’s no half-hour per month limit to your voicemails. So, it’s one to keep tabs on. Keep watching . . . and if you live in California, it’s worth checking out today. They’ve got lots of locations there.


Global Opportunities in Pasadena, CA will be conducting “Light to the Nations” — a 4 and a half-day training class for tentmakers on October 13-17, 1999. The course is designed both for those who are planning on going as tentmakers and for those who are considering tentmaking. It will enable you to understand tentmaking and help equip you to be an effective tentmaker. The course will be built around plenary teaching, discussion, tentmaker stories, small group interaction, intensive Bible study, and prayer. Subjects will include Workplace Evangelism in hostile countries, Leading Evangelistic Bible Studies, Church Planting, The International Job Market, Team Relationships, and more. The cost is only $100 for singles and $150 for couples. (After Sept 24, add $15). Housing and meals are available on the campus of the U.S. Center for World Missions at a special group rate price. For more info. or a registration form write, or browse or call +1(626)398-2393.


musical notes Are you interested in how to foster indigenous music and the arts in your host culture? Check out Grace’s article by sending a message to: The article will be sent to your inbox automatically. . . about two pages worth. She’s writing on behalf of the Ethnic Worship & Arts Focus. You’re amazing, Grace!


On Wednesday, I’ll be attending a planning meeting on how to respond to the needs of earthquake victims in Turkey. What do we do? Long term expatriate residents ministering in the Turkey quake zone see king-sized opportunities. Fear of dying in a quake is a pervasive mood among Turks. Some say God is opening a door for believers to bring to Turks truly good news in the form of how to cope with fear. Help is needed on two strategic rapid responses.
First, some are wanting to find or create an illustrated booklet to translate and hand out to kids and adults who have been living in fear for weeks. It would study the nature of fear, how to cope, maybe with some Scripture and some Christian perspective, but not overtly evangelistic. So… has anyone done something like this? Are there any illustrators and counselors that can quickly produce it? Perhaps there’s a secular book that could be revised?
Second, can field workers hook up with a Christian counselor experienced in teaching people to cope with fear? Better yet, on equipper who can teach others to teach people to cope.
Obviously, the need is current — we must move quickly. Booklets or other coping resource could be well received by huge numbers, but obviously, the window of opportunity is limited. If you have ideas, contact Bernie, and please, if you don’t mind, copy Tim at Bernie will prepare a compiled report on options for us to post here. Thanks Bernie!


A researcher who has received responses from over 100 African American cross cultural missionaries as to the reasons for so few African Americans in cross cultural missions thanks Brigada readers who helped him back in late 1996, and has made available a summary of his dissertation research to Brigada readers at: (He is still planning to publish the information, which is why it is “private.”) For those without Web access, write to Jim at for an email copy of the research summary, without charts. Other papers regarding African American missions are available via Word 97 email attachments (only). He can be reached at (423)822-1091 in the USA. He requests help for ongoing research at For those wanting a copy of the entire dissertation, go to and enter # 9826892 for ordering information and/or to download the first 25 pages for free. Mission organizations specifically seeking African Americans for cross- cultural ministry are invited to be listed and linked to at his website by giving information at Thanks, Jim, for remembering us here at Brigada!


ad2ksm So, have you wondered what will become of AD2000 & Beyond after Ad2000? :-) So have a lot of other people. Well Brigada Today has recently learned about an executive pow-wow in Copper Canyon, Texas to discuss exactly that. There, representatives from several groups gathered to pray and brainstorm. There were folks from the AD2000 and Beyond Movement, the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, and even the World Evangelical Fellowship. The outcome? An international committee and a Facilitation Group poised to come up with a developmental plan over the coming months. Let’s pray that God will guide them as they try to scope out “next steps” after AD2000. We’re glad they’re thinking those through!

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