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Brigada Logo Brigada, pronounced “bree-GAH-dah” (rhymes with armada), is the rough equivalent of a “brigade” — in Russian, Spanish, Portuguese (Thanks David!), and even Filipino! The idea is to stand side by side to pass buckets of hope for those most in need of Christ’s eternal message! Check out nearly 5 years of weekly back issues at See recent back issues and links at Brigada Today is compiled by Doug Lucas, Louisville, KY.


Brigada Logo This past week, Brigada received a very kind support check (for $200!) from Taylored Communications International, Inc., which operates International Hospitality and Tourism Services, including Hotels, Call Centers, Pay Phones, Tour Operators, and Intl Telcoms. In the USA, dial 719-687-6818 or toll- free at 800-488-0995, or fax 719-687-3694, or simply write to You can also visit them on the web at They’ll be added to the sponsors’ page at ! Thanks to Taylored Communications, for helping make Brigada Today a free service for all. If you have needs in Taylored’s area of expertise, we hope you’ll contact them directly!


Joshua Project 2000 logo Check ’em out…
  • The 10/40 Window: Getting to the Core of the Core
  • The Unfinished Task: It Can Be Done Joshua Project 2000
  • To the Uttermost Part: The Call to North India
  • The Arabian Peninsula: An Opening at the Heart of the 10/40 Window
  • The Horn of Africa: Challenge and Opportunity
  • The Maghreb: Ancient North Africa Yearns for Rebirth
  • The 35/45 Turkic Window: A Gateway to the Muslim World

These last couple of brochures (on North Africa and the Turkic Window) are simply breathtaking! Well worth the meager investment it’ll take to post them in the tract racks at your church and give your vestibule some real color and class. But don’t miss the in-depth content too — filled with needs and resources to meet them! Heartily recommended! Order for 50 cents each from or go to: And speaking of AD2000, the countdown continues. According to the researchers at AD2000’s Int’l Office in Colorado Springs (headed by Dan Scribner, the incredibly consistent, never-say-die numbers cruncher), here’s the current scoreboard:

  • Peoples on active JP list – 1594
  • Peoples on active JP list no Church of 100 reported – 1116
  • Peoples on active JP list no reported on-site Church Planting team – 542
  • Peoples on active JP list not targeted or “claimed” – 186

To “claim” an untargeted group, visit



movie camera Okay… homeschoolers, Sunday-schoolers, youth-groupers, Junior churchers, VBSers, and especially pray-ers, HERE is a video you need to order. Caleb Project’s new Kids Around the World video on the 10/40 Window is a dynamite introduction to world religions and unreached peoples. It’s fast-paced and yet filled with content. Tonight, we watched the 10-minute video for our family devotions and my 10-year-old and my 13- year-old were riveted to the whole thing. (You think I’m kidding, right?) I think it would work equally well for a 4-year-old too, because it’s a fun video, as well as an informational one. And for $15, you won’t beat it — especially since it comes with a curriculum supplement for the educational-types. :-) You can even specify PAL format if you like! So browse today at: or email or even phone them at 303-730-4170 ext. 332. You’ll be glad you did. What a great way to kick off your October “Praying Through the Window” emphasis! Three cheers to Caleb Project! thumbs-up When I grow up, I want to work for those guys. :-)


WebWatch If you work with a non-profit, you’ll probably want to. Eric was the guy who tipped us off this past week — from Sweden I think. You register, then search for your favorite charity and if it’s not there, you’re given the option to add it. iGive confirms that indeed, the charity is a non-profit (with a verifiable office in the USA or Canada, I think), then you set about to shop ’til you drop! For example, if you’re going to buy a computer from the Dell website, why wouldn’t you go to iGive first, then use it as your gateway into Dell. First, your favorite charity gets 4 cents when you just stop by the iGive home page, then when you buy the $3000 machine from Dell, your charity gets $15 more. Now granted, $15 isn’t all that much but, hey, you were going to pay the same price either way — so your charity might as well get $15 out of it, eh? :-) I tried it out, registered Team Expansion, and . . . it was painless! You can do the same for your mission or cause — then advertise it to your web shoppers. So if someone in your family buys their flowers now over the Net, why not do it via iGive!? Check it out… Thanks Eric.


WebWatch Remember that if you receive an extra-long URL (which has broken apart into separate lines in your email client’s viewing screen), you’ll have to paste it back together in your browser’s URL box if you expect to get there successfully. For example, if the URL is:
, you’ll have to first copy the line that begins with “http://111…” all the way through the section of 3s. Then paste that line in your browser’s URL blank. Next, copy the line that begins with “444555…” and paste that entire line onto the end of the 3s, making sure that you leave no spaces in between them in the URL box. Once it’s pasted in, you can hit enter and finally get to see the long-awaited page. Several readers had trouble with a site mentioned last week, even though the URL is accurate: If you were one of the unlucky ones, try again, using the approach mentioned above. But if you still have trouble, just go to and search for their new Christian bookstore. Remember, the long version automatically helps Team Expansion if you buy . . . but the price of the book doesn’t rise an inch over what would normally charge. (See the next item for more about that.)


Two people wrote in to caution me about reviewing products or directing people to sites related to the mission organization with which I work (Team Expansion). So… I pledge to be very cautious when there is ever any kind of possible benefit for the mission with which I work — and I’ll be open and forthright about it when and if future situations arise. Thanks for the feedback to keep me honest.


lighting the way If you had trouble clicking on the URL for the Evangecube (“NEW TOOL FOR PRESENTING THE GOSPEL: EVANGE-CUBE” last week), try adding the “//” that I neglected: (How do you spell “egg on my face?” :-) )


books One Brigada participant wrote in to say, “Good to hear about developing a Christian site. But Brigada readers should also know about CBD — Christian Book Distributors — as well. For years, CBD has been serving Christians and really caring about our “market” ! During those years when most Christian bookstores were pricing things at “retail” (or above), CBD was providing true discount prices. If you haven’t gotten one of their catalogs, call (in the USA) 978-977-5000 or check their website at (note there is no “s” after christianbook). There are other websites with VERY similar addresses, but CBD is the real thing!” Thanks Claudia & Stayton!


WebWatch Although it was invented in the USA, the Internet is rapidly becoming a global entity. International Data Corp. (IDC) has now predicted that before 2003 nearly one half of all Internet spending will be from outside USA borders. IDC estimates that 60% of the online population will live outside the USA by the end of 1999. Western Europe is the fastest growing market segment, with an astonishing annual growth rate of 138%. (Infoworld, Sept.6, 1999)


praying hands What an unforgettable visit: to pray for Kosovo and other global needs.



… from high-voltage telephone jacks. Check out:

The Modem Saver Plus tests phone jacks for compatibility with modems and notebooks. It also acts as a guard against power surges. Lists for just $99. Rod says we need it. He wouldn’t lie. :-)



The Center for Intercultural Training (CIT) can help! Write for more information. The CIT was founded as an east coast regional training partnership of interested mission agencies, local churches, and other training organizations mutually committed to equipping effective cross- cultural workers. The member organizations have joined together in the development and delivery of non-formal missionary training useful to the needs of each organization, in order to enhance the quality of training and reduce duplication of training programs and associated costs. Check it out!


WebWatch Whoa! I just noticed Wow. blinking1eyes Nicely done and very functional. From this page you can check out seemingly every possible entry that Global Prayer Digest has ever produced, with the permission of the Frontier Fellowship, I might add. Plus . . . what’s more, they even have a link to Brigada! :-) Thanks to Mike and all the guys at for raising the bar just a little bit higher! Great work!


Brigada Logo Sorry. You’ll probably end up with a frustrated inbox. Instead, jump over to the web at: Everything is backed up there… even the archived documents. Plus, our unflappable volunteer (who has been with us through thick-and-thin, since nearly the very first month in 1995!!!) is churning through back web pages to update all the text to reflect present realities. In case you find something from an earlier era, remember you can no longer write to email to HUB for anything in Brigada-Today.


graduation cap Veritas College offers Integrated Leadership Development teaching using a self-study Interpretation of the Bible. The course is not run from a building. It is affordable, costing only $40/year. According to the organizers, it was successfully field tested in Romania with a result of 17 churches being planted. It’s based on semantic discourse analysis and the sections used for exegesis were designed by the editor of the Greek Lexicon of the New Testament. It is currently operating in 10 countries, some being majority world. The curriculum has been translated into 6 languages. For more information, see or e-mail


Recognizing that the skills of media professionals can help missionaries produce dynamic media materials to reach the two-thirds world for Christ, a new networking ministry was founded. MediaPOST serves to qualify and match skilled individuals with short-term overseas service opportunities. Visit today for a listing of 18 opportunities in television, radio and graphics. A Symposium on Media Mission opportunities will be held in Nashville the last week of January. Information will be posted on the web site and you can also sign up for a e-newsletter online! If you lack the web and want more info, write


Worldwide Evangelization for Christ, , has just reprinted Avoiding the Tentmaker Trap. It is a book written by a WEC tentmaker and deals with tentmakers’ problems faced before, during and after their careers. Though not an academic work, TV Thomas wrote of the first edition: “I wish I would have read the book before I prepared and presented my paper at Strategy ’97 in Calgary.” Price (postpaid) is CAD$15.00 to Canadian addresses, US$11.00 to US addresses. To order email WEC at


… and listen to and view and just about everything else! That’s what Ken has compiled! Wow… blinking1eyes What a great resource. If you’d like a listing of videos, books, tracts, and booklets in Turkish, just send an email message to: Thanks again Ken!


syringe It’s a rising star on the horizon of medical missions . . . and it’s coming to a city near you. The 1999 Medical Missions Conference will be held Nov. 12-13 at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. For full information, see their website at You can also request information by emailing But their website is prettier. :-)


computer Look no further than: to sign up for free hard-drive space on the Internet with X-Drive. Jon says it’s a great deal!


At Team Expansion, we had always resisted writing “policies.” Thankfully, we still resist writing policies. But we’re starting to see some patterns . . . some trends that are reoccurring time and time again. You know the type. Missionaries who start out working on language learning seem to adapt more effectively than those who don’t. Those who settle in with translators for the long haul seem to never make time to learn to speak effectively. And so on. So we’re looking for these patterns and we’re starting to make some recommendations and, after nearly 20 years of being in business, it’s about time! If we haven’t learned something after 20 years, then we’d have to be nuts! So does that mean we have more structure? Well, it depends on how you look at it. Yes… in that we’re asking new missionaries to start out in the field with language first before anything else. But at the same time, when it comes to shaping a strategy that works, we still rely heavily on the team in the field to set the stage. We help them by providing input through visits by consultants, or “coaches” (probably Frontiers coined that term in the missions world, don’t you think?). And we even get together our team leaders for a regular “summit” in one key location every 18 months. (Probably Frontiers invented that concept too.) But we still resist a highly structured approach, preferring instead to keep things relatively “flat.”

How ’bout you and your mission agency or church? What kinds of shifts or patterns are you seeing out there on the shifting sands of organizational culture? If you’ve got an opinion, send it to (you might have to join first by sending a note to We’ll review the responses in a future issue. Thanks!


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