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Currently we are 443 in the “top level”! Check out the Brigada www homepage:


Moderated by Jack Dennison of Dawn Ministries, Brigada-Cities-Research is an e-mail activated conference network made up of interested Christians, churches and agencies seeking to conduct and gather necessary research for cities to develop a workable strategy to disciple the city for Christ. This conference will allow the various networking individuals and partners to report, request information and resources, share ideas, offer up prayer requests for research projects, and encourage additional partnerships.” To join Brigada-Cities-Research, send email to with only the following words in the text of the message:
subscribe brigada-cities-research

That’s all there is to it. May God use this new tool for the furtherance of His message to the people of the world’s cities!



Thanks to the Billy Graham Center for making its archives available to the world via the INTERNET. According to the Center, “Collections include oral history interviews, papers of individuals, records of organizations (including foreign mission boards) and materials from congresses and conferences. Guides to some of the Archives’ most heavily used collections are now available on Wheaton College’s Gopher. These include collections with information about American evangelism and missionary programs in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Australia as well as collections on the Evangelical movement in the United States. Most of the materials in Archives are from the twentieth century.” To use Wheaton’s gopher (if your INTERNET connection allows direct access to gopherspace) simply travel to and start exploring! Once one enters the Wheaton Gopher, select “Wheaton College Information” from the menu, then “Wheaton College Manuscript Repositories” from the next menu, then “Billy Graham Center Archives” from the next menu. Then go to the interlibrary loan submenu. Questions? Write the center using email address: or send old-fashioned paper mail to:

Billy Graham Center Archives
Wheaton College
Wheaton, IL 60187
Tel. (708) 752-5910



Thanks to Joey and Fawn Parish, for volunteering their time to help distribute a new pair of videos designed to acquaint adults, youth, children with the 10/40 Window. “Concerts of Prayer Ventura County, has produced 2, six minute video’s on the 10/40 Window that are being used across America by many different missions agencies and denominations. There is the 10/40 Window for Kids, and the 10/40 Window for Adults. … They are $11 each (slow boat to China mailing) or $14 each priority mail.”

In addition, Joey and Fawn have just completed Prayerwalking For Kids, a six-minute video, based on Steve Hawthorne’s book. Narrated by kids, it teaches children how to pray for a target city.

Questions??? Contact Joey and Fawn Parish, 6673 Sora Street, Ventura, California, 93003; Tel. (805) 650-3511.



This was one of the most common questions at the GCOWE meeting in Seoul. Actually, one can retrieve the following file any day of the year by sending using these commands in a message to the hub at (subject ignored):
get brigada why-the-name-"brigada".txt

Brigada (Bree-GAH-dah) — “In 1942, Stalin, then leader of what used to be the USSR, banished some 200,000 Crimean Tatars from their home on the Black Sea. They were not permitted to return to their homeland en masse until the early nineties, when the Soviet Union broke apart. Unfortunately, since their homes had been confiscated by others, the Crimean Tatars were forced to rebuild entire settlements during the cold winters of 1990 and 1991. While living in Crimea, we saw, at times, literally dozens of Crimean Tatar families working together in what they called, in Russian, ‘brigadas’ (brigades), helping one another build homes in rapid fashion. They found, through experience, that working together produces synergy, i.e., the output is greater than the sum of the inputs. As Bill Taylor writes in Kingdom Partnerships, ‘… One draft horse can pull four tons. If you harnessed two draft horses together, they can pull twenty-two tons.’ We need just this kind of ‘brigada’ and just this kind of synergy!”
Doug Lucas, Brigada



All day today in Upland, IN, at Taylor University, computer experts gathered to brainstorm, discuss and plan for the future. Topics ranged from “What is African Missions Resource Center,” to “Back to the Future 2000 (Management needs in the 21st century and how to get there”. The International Conference on Computing and Missions carries on through June 13. To catch the last day, call Kim Johnson at 317-998-5153 or email her at and explain when you’d like to arrive. Beginning on Monday at 3:20, the computer consultants there will be throwing themselves into planning and envisioning what Brigada could become over the coming years.


Want to learn more about Brigada? Send email to with only the following words in the text of the letter:
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