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Currently we are 433 in the “top level”! Check out the Brigada www homepage:


I believe we gave the wrong URL for the GCOWE page last week. It should be


Thanks, on behalf of all the users on the web, to those faithful friends of GCOWE who labored long and hard into the twilight hours so that people all over the world could read www pages and other updates re: GCOWE. It was literally a thankless job. As you read the first class www pages there, you’ll not see any claims for fame. Nope. No glory-seekers. Only the legacy of faithful servants, willing to use their skills for the Lord and the global expansion of his kingdom. At one point, last time I checked, the GCOWE worldwide web page was being “hit” hundreds of times per day (one day, over 700 times) . . . and this morning I speak on behalf of all those hundreds of people to say thanks. Here’s only one representative individual who appreciated that kind of dedication…. [we’ll make it anonymous, because it’s representative….]

Seoul is a long and expensive journey from the UK and your view was so helpful. I didn’t even have to work those 15 hour days to catch up on the conclusions! The electronic dissemination of the gcowe material has been one of the most useful applications of that medium I’ve come across.

This particular individual is headed to a missions training college soon — but currently works in telecommunications. May God be praised that he took time to read and pick up on the AD2000 & Beyond mission vision.



It’s just around the corner — the 37th Brigada conference!!! Brigada-Cities-Research will provide a place for researchers to come together with saturation evangelism specialists who will be able to join with mobilizers who can talk with prayer warriors who will be able to swap comments with those who love the city! By next week this time, this “think tank” should be up and running!


We have!!! In fact, we’re ordering 200 of them for a special mobilization event this July! You can get them from several sources… Probably the most well known is the

Christian Information Network,
11025 State Hwy. 83,
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
(Tel. 719-522-1040).

But you can also order from Caleb Project (303-730-4170 in Colorado). If ordering from CIN, send a check for the amount of $8.95 and make sure you note clearly that you want PRAYING THROUGH THE 100 GATEWAY CITIES. (They have other books that cost the same amount.) If ordering from Caleb, ask them for the pricing information based on the volume you’re ordering. This book, written by Pete Wagner, Stephen Peters, and Mark Wilson, will “walk you through the window!” As you probably have already heard, the “window” refers to an area between the 10th and 40th latitudes stretching from N. Africa east through Asia. Most of the world’s Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists live there, perhaps making up as much as 95% of the unevangelized world! In addition, 84% of the world’s poor are there as well. Praying… takes you one city at a time, one page at a time, across the entire 10/40 Window and is complete with maps, illustrations, and accompanying articles. We’re using it with a mobilization project that we hope will involve 200 congregations in adopting these 100 cities — and/or other people groups/cities, taking long-term responsibility for helping plant a church in each location. Praying… is great for personal or group use. At the luncheon we’re organizing for July, we’ll be seating the (hopefully) 1000 people in groups of 10 at each of 100 tables. Each table will be named according to one of the 100 Gateway Cities and there will be two books available per table for use during a special 9-minute mini-Concert of Prayer to be led by Dave Butts ( Join me in praying that these and other events will help us prepare not only for the emphasis in October, but also for the months that follow! And if you get a chance, please pray for our Envision ’96 Mobilizers’ Luncheon, scheduled for July 17th. Thanks!



How will we keep track of the results??? We hope Brigada will contribute, even a tiny bit. For example, pray that we’ll have “champions for the cities” who will take on the responsibility of starting up a new conference for each of the 100 Gateway Cities. Are you scheduled to take a prayer journey to one of the 100 GWCs this October? Know someone who is? Would you like to help by moderating a new conference to get together the minds, hearts and prayers for that location? If so, reply to this message as to which city’s conference you’d consider coordinating. We’ll send instructions on how to get started. Some technical knowledge of email would be helpful — but if you’ve got a desire to learn and a strong motivation, you can do it regardless of your level of expertise coming in. Most importantly — you’ll need staying power to keep at it through October… and probably an hour or so per week minimum to volunteer your time. Thanks for considering this ministry — which could bring together focused prayer and participation from all over the world through Brigada!