14) The Last Bit: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Since time eternal, missionaries have had trouble getting along. Paul and Barnabas had it out in Acts 15:39. Paul and Peter fight in Antioch (Galatians 2:11-14). Our good friend, Ron Koteskey, analyzed why we seemingly keep experiencing these conflicts at…




He encourages (with biblical backing) to approach the person alone. If this doesn’t work, he suggests we bring a witness or two. If this won’t work, he concludes the only way forward is to take it to the church. Ron suggests that, once the church makes a decision, if either party refuses to abide by the decision, then the church should treat that party as being “outside the church.” (See the biblical backdrop for Ron’s conclusions in Matthew 18:15-19.) Ron’s additional comments and suggestions all seem helpful. But, still we are left with questions. Why does conflict happen? We’re all trying to walk in Christ’s steps. We’re all praying. We’re all reading the same Book. Why can’t we all just get along?


If you have a magic solution… if you can help explain this… please click “comment” after this item on the web. We’d love to hear your take.


5) Your Thoughts on Feb. 2nd “Back Page” on John 17/Unity

TeamworkOn Feb. 2, we wrote about Jesus’ prayer in John 17 that we could all be one. We asked, “How much more good do you feel we could do if we could just learn to do it together?” One Brigada participant (using simply the name, “A friend,”) wrote, “I think this post is an extremely interesting one, especially when it comes to working cross-culturally in missions. In many countries you find an us-them between national believers and expat workers. In other countries you find it between different organizations with different ministry strategies and ultimately, we see it between many differing denominations.

“How do we work in unity, while also blessing people to pursue differing strategies? Can we work in unity without uniformity? (referring to a previous comment by “Neal.”)

“A co-worker recently suggested to me that we don’t have to be doing the same work, implementing the same strategy, etc… but that as we each draw nearer to Christ we will naturally be drawing nearer to each other. What do you think?” We think these are great thoughts. (Thanks for the input, Neal and “A friend.”)

1) Join a Real-time Planet-wide Gathering: The Global PrayerCast

DSCN1099-webresNow you can join a planet-wide get-together real-time. On April 17th, 8:30pm EDT (7:30pm CDT, 12:30am UCT on Apr. 18th), the Unleashed for the Unreached initiative (the same group that is staging the “Wall of Unreached Peoples” as a traveling exhibit around the country) is coordinating a “live” prayer event in conjunction with other world Christians, no matter where they live on the planet. (Will there be dozens?… or scores? or hundreds? Or will there be thousands?) Legacy Christian Church (Overland Park, KS, USA) has graciously agreed to stream the event “live” to the entire planet, with live footage from 58 simul-sync’d remote prayer sites throughout the world. One of the sites will be located on the border of Lebanon. A network of over 1000 Syrians will be participating ‘live,’ praying not only for Syria, but for each of the other sites and for unreached peoples worldwide. Also confirmed, a worker in the mountains of Morocco. Another in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. There are mega-churches and churches of 20 people, all sizes, all shapes, all cultures. To learn more, visit…


or find the page on Facebook at…


There’s now a one-minute promo video to show at your church or group.

You’re invited! Take part in this event so you’ll know how to replicate it for your agency, church, denomination, or movement. (We’re not concerned about others duplicating the event. We’re PRAYING they will!) If all goes well, the PrayerCast concept will open a global convention at the Kansas City Convention Center in November (the International Conference on Missions). This is like a proof of concept and a “dress rehearsal,” all at the same time. The technology is there. We just need to utilize it to make it happen. “Lord, please make us one so that the world may be won!”

12) The BackPage: Here we are Together Again (United for Haiti)

Is it just my imagination, or are we seeing a bit more cooperation than ever before in the carrying out of humanitarian aid missions. Think about it… Hope For Haiti pulls together like 60 tv networks. Then there’s the new website,


You register if you have a humanitarian need for Haiti, … or if you have a resource to offer to the greater good… facilities, materials, personnel, transportation… you register that too. How ’bout that. (Bravo to CrossGlobal Link for taking initiative to start it.)

I wonder why such cooperative ventures are happening these days. Could it be…

  • The message has finally gotten through — The public is tired of needless duplication and rangling among people who say they’re working for the good of the people?
  • The negative case studies push us toward cooperation?
  • The words of Jesus are finally penetrating our brains — “that they be one” (John 17)

Are you observing similar phenomena — cooperation and unity? What’s your theory as to why it’s taking place? Just click in the comment box below the web version of this item. And thanks in advance for giving your opinion.


4) 21St Century Global Christianity

Want to learn about the needs of the Christian community around the world? The Issachar Network is developing a framework to connect Christians across the Globe. This is being accomplished through sharing ministry resources, skills, and cultural knowledge between Evangelical, Catholic, and Orthodox Christian congregations, ministries and their leaders. They need your help in describing the needs around the world, and the resources available to meet them in real time. You can check them out at


Organizers greatly appreciate your prayers.

11) The Backpage: Check Out Your Evening Sky On Dec. 1St

Most of us love it when heavenly bodies get together. There’s just something special about rendezvous. Take for instance… the evening sky… just after sunset on December 1st (2008). You’ll see Jupiter, Venus, and the crescent moon low in the southwest (assuming you’re not too far north in your vantage point) and that close triangle of lights will make a dandy sight in our night skies. (Map at left courtesy Sky & Telescope, by Gregg Dinderman)

And you know what? We like it when other “points of light” get together as well. Recently, our organization has been teaming up with another major organization to partner with a local church (also 3 “points of light”) to begin new projects among unreached Muslim people groups. I’ve thought more than once what a beautiful sight it is, seeing these three very different entities working together like this. From what I read in John 17, it’s bound to make the Lord happy too.

How ’bout you? Are you happy to see unity and partnerships these days too? If so, please click on “comment” below and share a brief testimony about what’s happening where you live. (As always, remember to be secure by avoiding names and exact locations of those working in sensitive places.) Feel free to provide URLs for the groups working hard at networking and partnering together. God is bound to smile on partnerships that seek to build unity toward honoring His name!

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