5) Interested in Understanding Movements? Try This Conference

The Network for the Missiological Study of Global Movements to Christ is calling for a “Movements Research Symposium,” Oct. 1-4, 2020, in Beirut, Lebanon. They’ve attracted at least 3 experts — David Garrison, David Lim, and Craig Ott. Their goals are to encourage research, empower front-lines implementers, foster critique, investigate the relationship between DMM and transformation, and ask for published materials on all the above. It sounds like a great meeting. In particular, they want to focus on “praxis” — what people are DOING. They’ve supposedly talked Ted Esler and Steve Addison into going. They asked us to consider it too. Would you consider it as well? Learn more at…


Fill out the form at…


or write to

movements2020atgmaildotcom  (movements2020atgmaildotcom)   (and they’ll answer from a secure email).


7) Are Disciple-making Movement Views Faulty on Conversion? Thoughts?

This podcast is indeed garnering a lot of attention. We’re hearing several people comment on it. It’s a discussion from the ABWE featuring guest specialist, Dr. Glenn Sunshine, who is a professor history at a university out East. It’s worth the listen:


11) This Two-Hour Motion Picture is Free – and Stirring Even (DMM/Iran)

Here’s a two-hour, all-out motion picture – filmed all over the world with beautiful cinematography that will prompt many questions about disciple-making movements (DMMs), Iran, the Middle East, Muslims, and more. You could *easily* ask your small group, youth group, DMM group, or Sunday School class to watch this movie through the week then gather in your normal group to discuss it. Come up with 5 penetrating questions while you watch it (then please post your questions in the comments so others can use them) and … bam… you have a VERY engaging discussion with real-life issues. For example, “Prior to watching this movie, what were your thoughts on Iran? How did this movie change them?” or “What were some of the principles mentioned that you didn’t previously associate with DMM?” or “Imagine you’re living in Iran. Would you take the kinds of risks that these believers are taking? Why or why not?” You’ll think of dozens more. “Are there portions of the movie that you just can’t or won’t believe? Are there practices you just can’t accept into your life? Why?” It’s free. It’s engaging. And it will stir you. Volume II is the one particularly worth watching (all due respect). (Note: We kind of thought there was a gentle pitch for the organizations who produced the movie (especially near the end) but, hey, that’s typical, right? And note that we know nothing about those organizations. But the movie is engaging either way.)


(Thanks for the tip, Jeff!)


3) Can Disciple-making Movements Create Healthy Churches (a Podcast)

Perhaps you’ve heard that, over the years, Radius has created some doubt in the minds of some American ministries and churches as to  whether Disciple Making Movements really create healthy churches and Christians.  The Missions Podcast has been sympathetic to that perspective.  A few weeks ago, they decided to do a podcast with a DMM advocate. They chose Glenn Sunshine to do the interview because of his strong historical and theological background.  We believe you will find it interesting. Hear it at…


or wherever you get your podcasts by choosing the “Missions Podcast.”


2) Learn More About Zúme AND Disciple-Making Movement Strategies

Now, in a four-hour “DMM/Zúme Experience,” you can come away with a much deeper understanding of disciple-making movement (DMM) strategies and life practices AND learn about Zúme at the same time. (Zúme is a 10-session, 20-hour online and in-life experience designed to help your group learn and DO fruitful strategies that might lead to a disciple-making movement (DMM) in your own church, town, and region. In this “live training” experience, you get a ‘taste of DMM” in just four hours. Instructors include Frank S. (a lifetime worker in SE Asia), Curtis Sergeant (author of “The Only One” and portions of “More Disciples”), Doug Lucas (author of “More Disciples”), Eric D, and others. You’ll love how practical and biblical the whole approach is. Plus, you’ll get a free hot breakfast! : ) The venue is just a block away from the Kansas City Convention Center (Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral located at 415 West 13th Street, Kansas City, MO 64105), 8am to 12 noon on Thursday, November 14, 2019 (a buffet breakfast will be served).  Learn more and sign up at….


This workshop is timed to coincide with the start-up of the International Conference on Missions (ICOM), which begins Thursday evening, Nov. 14th, at the Kansas City Convention Center. So you can come to the DMM Experience then stay for a day or two of ICOM while you’re there.


10) What Role Do Shepherds Play in Disciple-Making Movements?

Mark Goering posed this question in his little training video at…


after having visited the One Body Global Church in Tampa (that must be Lee Woods’s group, right? — so maybe he was attending the 2414 deal a few weeks ago?). His little 4-minute video should give us all some food for thought about how we seek shepherds for the long haul in the disciple-making movements for which we are all praying. What’s your take on his thinking?



2) Ed Stetzer: Creating a Culture of Multiplication

We loved Ed Stetzer’s article about “Creating a Culture of Multiplication,” …


Stetzer nails it when he explains that missionaries and church planters need constantly to help local churches articulate the need for a culture of multiplication in the every day local church too. Stetzer got it right — again.


(This article first seen in Justin Long’s “Roundup.” Learn more at . Thanks Justin! )


14) The Last Bit: Debating CPM/DMM vs. Traditional Approaches (Awesome)

The actual title is, “Church Planting Approaches in Tension: Traditional Versus Movements,” but either way, this is the way a debate should be. Proponents who are great friends, plenty of time for responding, presenters with lots of experience in their topic, and much, much more. If you ever wanted to see a REAL debate between traditional church-planting approaches vs. a CPM/DMM approach, please watch this one:

Note that Missio Nexus doesn’t require you to “join” in order to watch this key session. Bless you Missio Nexus!! This one is worth watching. So, after watching it — your thoughts on who “won” the debate? Just click “Comment” after the web version of this item, please.

1) Wow — This 2414 Book is Stupendous ("A Testimony to All Peoples")

You can buy it at…

But did you ever hear the phrase, “You never get something for nothing?” I’m afraid 2414 is out to break the mold. Their new book, “2414 — A Testimony for All Peoples,” which is intentionally posted online absolutely free of charge and it’s packed FULL of vision, scripture, case studies, and helpful tools. Compiled by top-notch trainers (Dave Coles and Stan Parks), it’s actually a collection of a TON of articles and training pieces. And you can find it TODAY on the web for free in all its 345-page splendor simply by browsing to:


You’ll learn about church-planting movements (CPM — otherwise known as disciple-making movements or DMMs). You’ll see how groups of all kinds fit in with that strategy. You’ll read about case studies, movements in the Bible, and lessons learned in the American church and with agencies. Plus you’ll be able to acquire all kinds of helpful tools for your own work. They could have asked $20. But they didn’t. Get the printed version for $8.52 and the Kindle version for under $1. Or just download the PDF version for free. It’s your choice. Well done, 2414!


1) Curtis Sergeant Has Refused to Write a Book: Until Now

He’s trained thousands — who have gone on to disciple HUNDREDS of thousands. In fact, probably only God knows — because Curtis would never tell. His humility wouldn’t have allowed for it. But now, you can order his first ever book — and he’s even arranged for you to receive it digitally for free. Just click to…


Click the button, “Get the free ebook!” Or read some of the endorsements first. We’ve read it — and it’s worth any price. Because it will help you, truly, become a disciple worth multiplying. The secret for all of us will be — that we read and DO it. “The movement starts with you.”


3) Where Can We Learn More about How to Make and Multiply Disciples?

There are two recent books from two of the largest CPMs/DMMs in the world: Ying and Grace Kai’s Training for Trainers (WIGTake, 2018), and Victor John and Dave Coles, Bhojpuri Breakthrough (WIGTake 2019). Both books are available for volume discount at


These two movements alone have resulted in more than two million baptisms. Please don’t forget to keep praying for Grace, who, interestingly, is the discipler of Ying. She’s had a stroke, though, so far, it looks fairly mild. She’s lost some mobility, however. Please pray hard for her.


4) How Many Church-Planting Movements are There Now?

Can you remember when there were approximately 100? (I remember. David Garrison was talking about 100 as recently as the mid-2000’s.)

Can you remember when there were 700? (I remember. Jerry Trousdale was writing about 700 as recently as 2015.)

How many movements do you think there are today? You might be surprised. Verified by researchers whom I (Doug) know and trust implicitly, the numbers don’t lie. There are currently:

– 3293 known CPM Engagements,  – 1006 CPMs (Stage 5 multiple streams of 4+ gen churches),  – 73.0 million believers in all CPM engagements, – 4.3 million known churches in all CPM engagements,  – An average of 72K believers per CPM,  – An average of 17 believers per church in CPMs worldwide.

Source: A Private phone call for those tracking and multiplying movements affiliated with 24:14.


Thank you Lord for this amazing progress. Please — fire into flames the gifts of those who are following you to help these movements!!!


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