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3) Digital Ministry Training Course

Do a zero-stress, do-at-your-own-pace, online Digital Ministry Training Course in 6 lessons: An Overview of Digital Ministry, Digital Content Creation, Mobile Ministry, Digital Content Distribution, Social Media and SEO &...

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6) Need Help Creating a Ministry Website?

Faithe, a long-time Brigada reader and former missionary, has been helping others create a web presence since 1998. She is offering a discounted rate (80% off) on websites (including domain name and hosting) for Brigada readers...

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6) Joshua Project is At it Again!

This time, they’re building regional mini-sites that are top-notch. Check out their latest creation here… For workers on the ground, the mini-site simplifies matters tremendously...

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10) Thanks so STM Toolbox for the Shout-out!

We appreciate our friends at STM Toolbox, who wrote this past week, “For years, we have all benefited from Brigada. Thanks to insightful perseverance of a few, we all have access to the latest info, tips and mission...

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