Here’s a fundraiser that just might moooooove mountains. : ) If you happen to have a partner who knows how to raise cattle, why not dare him to check out Apparently, the way it works, Steer (the organization) provides enough funds for your designated cattle farmer to buy a young cow. The cow becomes the property of Steer. All the farmer has to do is feed the cow. Every year, the farmer sells the calf and the funds go to Steer, Inc. Then – rinse and repeat – until the cow is sold. In exchange, Steer supports the mission organization you have designated. What could possibly go wrong? : ) Do you know anyone who has participated in this unique funds cattlization program? : ) After having worked at it for a year or two, is he or she “bullish” in participating again? Please let us know. Learn more about Steer at (Thanks for the tip on this, Justin!)