Would you like to send a letter or postcard to someone living in the USA — even though you’re living overseas? And would you like to avoid the cost (and delay) of overseas mail? There are several services like this, all with various pricing plans and arrangements. One such vendor is MailForm.io. They price by the piece. Using their service, you can send one page to one recipient, or the same page to hundreds (and take advantage of bulk pricing). See their pricing at https://www.mailform.io/pricing-calculator.html. Postable takes a different slant… with their zillions of environmentally-friendly cards (templates — or design your own) and artsy-looking formats. I guess if you factored in your trip to the Hallmark Store, along with the cost of the card and the stamp, it’s really not *too* different — if you’re sending cards. Learn more about their service at https://www.postable.com/about. Plan on spending $3 to $5 to get a card out the door and into a mailbox, depending on the options. For many people, it’s … just… easier. Of course, email is the easiest. haha Have you used other options for digital-to-snailmail connections? Which is YOUR favorite? And thanks in advance for your input!