Ok… so this is not strictly about missions or cross-cultural work, but… we know that Brigada participants are some of the most traveled people in the world. As you’ve traveled, have you ever wished you knew, “What kind of bird makes that sound,” or “What kind of bird is that, Gladys?” Well guess what: Now you can know. This free app from Cornell University is the single most amazing smartphone app we’ve ever seen. It can literally listen to the birds on your back porch and identify them all individually. So the idea is to appreciate all of creation — including our fine-feathered friends. Check it out at https://merlin.allaboutbirds.org/. It can identify birds by the sounds they make, or by a photo you’ve taken, or simply by the way you describe the bird! Keep a “life list!” We showed it to our VP of Personnel here at Team Expansion and, within 3 days, she had tracked 25 different species all from her back deck! Try it!