Is your leadership team hoping to ratchet up its strategic planning efforts in the coming months or year? If so, feel free to give this strategic planning template a try. It’s free! Just sign up for a free Trello account, then watch the training videos here: Once you’re ready to give it a try, log on at to use the template to make a copy of the planning tool in your own personal (and private) Trello Account. No one need ever see your secure plans. (Trello is known for their commitment to security. Learn more at,option%20for%20connecting%20to%20Trello. Your plans are encrypted both in transit and at rest.) If you end up wanting to add additional ninja powers to your account, you can always register your 501(c)3 with Trello and pay them $2.50 per user per month – but either way, you’re the customer. Never see any ads. The template takes you through dozens sub-points in 10 major steps of the planning journey. When you’re done, you’ll have everything you need for a full-on strategic plan. Doug Lucas assembled this Trello tool for a grad class he taught in a university this past month using steps from the textbook he used in the course. We hope it can help you be more intentional and fruitful for the Kingdom!