It’s actually a lot *more* than mere translation. This new service, which just launched a week ago, makes it appear that the speaker of the original language is speaking in the target (second) language, all through the magic of AI. To learn more about this magical new service, read on. (There’s a free version, if you have some time to wait.) I (Doug) tried this out with a two-minute video about a newly-refreshed “Wall of Unreached Peoples” we’re launching in conjunction with Unleashed for the Unreached (U4theU). Here’s my original video in English:

I uploaded this video into the AI portal and – like magic – here is the Spanish version that came out the other side, around 10 minutes later. (By the way, although I’m not an expert in Spanish, I can get by. And this is not bad at all:

Yes, the AI engine didn’t know the correct word for prayer – and there’s a sentence that didn’t quite describe God in the correct fashion, so, I’m afraid we can’t quite give up language learning just yet, but this is VERY entertaining, right? So next, I asked it to produce a version in French:

And then, there’s Mandarin:

I *visited* Japan once — for about 5 days. But this makes it sound like I’ve been working fairly hard, right?


So how does this work? Just prepare the video in any one of 7 languages, upload it to the site, then choose a new target language (in any one of the other 6 languages). Note that the video can’t be longer than 5 minutes. And for sure, you have to fork over the $59/month – otherwise, you’ll be waiting in line for the *free* version until way long after the cows come home. I mean, the cows might actually pass away before it’s your turn, at this rate. But if you can come up with the $59 bucks, you’ll be able to AI-translate around 14 videos per month AND have a lot of fun.
So here’s my conclusion: Still… have a real native speaker review the outcome. If it’s not right, at least your native speaker will have a great head start. And you just might have saved a few *hours* translating the video the old-fashioned way. What’s more, it sure makes you look like you’ve been quite the language learner! hahahaha

I tried making a couple of videos in Spanish to see if I could get them to back-translate to English and, for me, for some reason, an error came up that said it was having trouble following my face. (Many others have told me the same thing. It seems to be a trend. haha)

Oh – I almost forgot – the name of the service is HeyGen Labs Video Translate. Find it at (Thanks to Justin Long who tipped us off to this service in his Weekly Roundup. Sign up at I always gain something from every edition.)