We’re serious. They’re “all in” for DMM and they want to hire not one, not two, but *three* people on the same page to support their dreams. They’re looking for *An Engagement Leader* who will focus primarily on training and equipping our people in evangelism, creating both local and global engagement opportunities, and working with strategic partner organizations to help create both local and global sending pathways. They want this person to help them move people from passive disengagement (regarding evangelism and discipleship) to taking first steps. They also want *A Mobilization Leader* who will focus primarily on coaching (and developing coaches to coach) people in ongoing disciple-making practices. As if that weren’t enough, they’re looking for an “Organizational Coordinator” to keep them all on their toes in this! Can you believe it? Surely, there’s a Brigada reader out there who needed to return to the USA for some reason and is willing to move to Lincoln, Nebraska to do it? Sure there’s *somebody* today who would want to apply for one or *all* of these jobs!? We would apply ourselves, but, alas, we have to stay at Team Expansion and Brigada. But… Seriously. Somebody needs to apply for this role: https://www.lincolnberean.org/careers. Might as well be you! : ) (Thanks to Jessica for telling us about this!)