MultiplyUs 11 will focus on three topics: the Asbury Revival, Discerning a Movement From God, and Reaching Gen Z and will take place on March 22 from 2 – 4 pm EDT.
There’s a lot of talk about movements these days but how do we know when we are living in the middle of one?  Once we have identified a movement, what behaviors would encourage it forward and which behaviors would inhibit its growth. And, in particular, how do we try to engage Generation Z participants (those 24 and younger).  To help us tackle these questions, we’ve asked for the help of two students form Asbury who have been very active in sessions in the chapel and around campus. They’ll have lots of eye-witness, first-hand stories and they’ll be facilitating breakout rooms to answer all your questions and brainstorm with you about how you might want to be involved in emulating what the Spirit is doing at Asbury.  We’ll even have one breakout room in Spanish!
In addition, we’ll be welcoming two Gen Z student workers from southwestern Ohio. They’ve been busy building a solid group of 40-60 Gen Z participants in their church of 350. Once again, regardless of your church size, they’ll give you lots of one-on-one brainstorming time in the breakout groups following their presentations in the “main session.”  To register go to