On Oct. 11, 2-4 pm ET, the quarterly DMM conference, MultiplyUs will interview five leaders from what is said to be the fastest-growing movement in all of North America, the RST Church in Denver, CO. RST has 500 groups going among global South (immigrant) communities. But the amazing thing is – they also have another 100 discovery Bible studies among traditional North Americans (who were born and raised here). And, to top it all off, they are birthing these DBS groups from a Megachurch – so this is a GREAT poster child for a true hybrid approach. They are quick to say, “There is no formula.” But everybody wants to know, “How are you doing this? What is prompting this to be so effective?” Now we’ll be able to hear directly from the leaders to find the answer to those and other questions. Those to be interviewed include Ron Johnson (Lead Pastor at RST), Jason Soderstrom, Molly Soderstrom, Tim Brown, Jeetendra Singh (a major force behind many of the 500 global south groups). Register at http://multiplyus.com/ for free. (There is no charge for MultiplyUs, which is jointly sponsored by MoreDisciples.com and 24:14, but you’ll need to register to receive notifications and the meeting link. Also, please note that this is not a veiled marketing campaign. You’ll receive no solicitation for anything.)