This past week, I (Doug) was pondering some of the various groups that have challenged us to “finish the task.” There’s (speaking of which) “Finishing the Task” ( ) and 24:14 ( ). Those who have been around a longer while might even remember back to AD2000 & Beyond ( ) and, of course, Adopt-a-People ( ). There’s “A Third of Us” ( ) — and now, even, “Finish 2030” ( ). All of these campaigns have one goal in common: Fulfill the commands that Christ gave so long ago, summed up in Great Commission passages like Matthew 28:19-20. So we have several questions:

  • Which campaign helped you or your church/group to get up and get moving the most? In what way did you respond?
  • Is the idea of a campaign even a sound one in the first place? …or is it misguided?
  • What’s the perfect idea for such a campaign, in your mind? How might we motivate churches and organizations to press forward?

It does seem like churches and groups have been moving toward fulfillment more in the past half-century, right? I mean… think about it…. Some of our readers probably remember the first Lausanne Conference (in Lausanne, Switzerland). I mean… we’re just two years away from the 50-year anniversary, right? . It was at that conference — and the one before it, in Amsterdam ( ) — in which world evangelism kick-started again in our day, right? In Lausanne, Ralph Winter introduced “hidden peoples” and — everybody was completely bowled over. Can you imagine… 48 years later… that missions has picked up this kind of steam?

What was the deciding moment for your organization or church? Where can we go tomorrow? We’d love to hear. Just click… Comment.