MultiplyUs 7 takes place in less than a month on Thursday, February 10th from 3-5 PM ET. There will be 4 great speakers who are all implementing DMM. Here’s a look at their backgrounds:

Brent Hofen. Brent started Mission Church in 2007 with a goal of making disciples who make disciples. If you’re interested in applying DMM in the context of a North American megachurch, you’ll love hearing Brent’s testimonies and stories.

Lee Wood. Lee works in Tampa where he leads a church of churches, a training hub, and a movement. His church exists to launch and grow disciple and church multiplying movements who transform communities until the whole world knows.

Chris McBride. Chris and Rebekah McBride spent 14 years in the Muslim Middle East and saw a movement catalyzed there before returning to the US in 2013. For the last 8 years, Chris has worked in mobilization and serving movements.  Over the last two years, Chris and Rebekah have gotten more intentional about starting movements in Central Texas.  They are partnering with several local pastors who are working on DMM in their respective areas as well as starting a network of house churches. Currently, they have 7 groups in their Simple Church Networks, targeting a variety of areas from specific neighborhoods and towns, to specific populations, such as the addiction recovery community.

Jeff Metzger is the lead pastor at a mega-church in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been pleasantly surprised at the openness of his church to transition to DMM strategies. During this talk, we will find out how and why this transition might be happening so smoothly.

If you haven’t registered yet, please click on this link: Participants will each receive a Zoom link a few days before the conference and again on the morning of. This is the 7th MultiplyUs conference. It’s becoming a kind of “community of practice” to help DMM implementers in North America (and the world). And – it’s completely free of charge because of a partnership between and 24:14. Doug Lucas and Chris McBride will be hosting and they would love it if you could take part!