Some organizations (like the New York Times) make you pay a regular subscription fee to receive their services. Others (like Wikipedia) just deliver the service the best they can, then depend on people with good hearts to help pay the bills. We believe in the latter. Many of our subscribers can’t obtain an international credit card. As a result, partners (blessed by God) often chip in on their behalf so “all boats can rise together.” By God’s grace, Brigada partners from all over the world have already pitched in exactly $10,249 toward our $17,000 budget for 2022. For this, we rejoice. At the same time, reality sets in: Expenses in 2022 will add up to $17,000. We know this from past years. That leaves just $6,751 to make up — and only 3 days left in the year to do it. Would you or your church/group be in a position to help? You could give $6.75, $67, $670, or $6700. It really doesn’t matter. The one thing you know is — it’s your decision. No one will mention it after this edition, the last edition of the year. This is your chance. If you haven’t had a chance to pitch in and would like to be a world difference-maker, just click to (If, for some reason, that link won’t work for you, just browse to and click “Donate to this Ministry.”) If you’d rather send a check, just make it out to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Dr, Louisville, KY 40299 (and if possible, send an email to us to let us know it’s on the way). It truly is a wonderful life, either way. We’re thankful for any help you can send. This is the last mention of fundraising for the new year. God bless you.