Beginning with the first edition in November each year, we invite the Brigada family to consider pitching in. Our costs are simple, really. Each year, we carefully budget for a dedicated server for the website and 26 years of archives, Amazon Web Service for delivering tens of thousands of emails, the costs of a part-time assistant, and more. Each year for the past 26 years, we’ve budgeted $17,000 for the entire year. By God’s grace, we’ve always been able to operate within that budget. Sometimes, participants provide the entire amount. Some time ago, a survey showed that half our participants were mobilizers from Global South lands where credit cards are in shorter supply. As a result, if God has enabled you to give something because they can’t, we would be so thankful. Sometimes, an amazing Brigada friend will give $1000 or even $2000. Some time ago, a trusted friend suggested that we would only need 170 participants to give $100 each. Wow. That would be amazing. Could God work through you to be one of the 170 “True Fans” of Brigada? The great news is – friends of Brigada have already pitched in throughout 2021, providing a total of $5210 so far. (Yay!) That means we only have $11,790 to go. After we reach the operating budget, we stop talking about this and move on. Today, can you help make Brigada happen for thousands of email and web participants throughout the world? It’s simple. Just click to You’ll be in and out in 60 seconds. Thank you for your help!!!!