Confession: We long for earthshaking missions books. We hope and pray for books that will rattle the “status quo” cages. Think about the books that have impacted you. (If you have a moment, please list one in the comments below.) Was there a book that affected you to the core? Patrick Johnstone’s Operation World was like that for us. And what was that book, The Hidden Half (no longer available). Perhaps yours was David Platt’s Radical. Don’t you long for books like these?

Motus Dei has the potential to be another one of those books. Last week, we highlighted that it would launch soon. Now it has. We were able to read a pre-release copy. It does an incredible job of analyzing disciple-making movements and making detailed, profound observations, without losing sight of the broader goal and purpose of these movements. The conclusions drawn throughout this study assist in clearing misunderstandings that some may have towards CPM/DMMs and enable us to be as effective as possible as we multiply. It’s available today at Once you read it, would you please give your own take on it in a comment below? Thanks for considering.