Zume is an online and in-life training course designed to provide you and your group with the resources and tools to become disciples worth reproducing then… multiply! Like rabbits! : ) Learn more at https://zume.training/. You’ve probably already heard of Zume – but did you know that it’s now already available in 34 languages with more coming shortly? No matter where you are in the world, there’s probably a version of Zume available in a mother or neighboring tongue — and if it’s not finished, it’s probably in process. What’s more, now you can pick out individual tools and/or train in one topic at a time at https://zume.training/training/. And a Zume web app let’s you download Zume training tools for offline use in a low-bandwidth or ZERO-bandwidth setting! (On your device, navigate to https://app.zume.training/ for more instructions.)