If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re big fans of the annual conference staged by Missio Nexus each fall. For 2021, they’re choosing the hybrid route – which we’re sure is lots of extra work for conference leadership, not only in planning but also in staging the entire event.

If you should choose to attend via the virtual, “online pass” approach, you can expect to pick up innovative ideas, state-of-the-art mentoring, and the latest trends and expectations for mission organizations like yours. The theme this year, after all, is “innovate.” The whole goal is “to catalyze a movement of innovation and advance the Gospel among the nations.” You’ll still be able to catch all the workshops about finance from the people who audit organizations like yours. You’ll still be able to hear the latest from the ECFA and lawyers who litigate in cases dealing with IRS challenges. And you’ll still be able to fine-tune your org’s financial posture over all. If you need to raise funds, don’t worry: There will be entire tracks about it. Having trouble with recruitment? You or your Mobilization Director can pick up every session. Wondering about liability for one thing or another? This is the place to ask.

But what if you spend the money and attend in person? We spoke with the leader of Missio Nexus, Ted Esler, last week. He assured us that conference planners are taking every possible precaution to insure a safe and successful event. Surely by September, we will have been able to get that vaccination and figure out how to navigate safely into the future. The chances you have for mingling safely are greatly increased because conference leadership isn’t taking Covid lightly. They’re serious about making sure you can be safe. But just think of how much extra you’ll gain by perusing exhibits, catching people (safely) in the hallways, and getting the entire “feel” for the convention — something that, otherwise, is “virtually impossible” (pun intended).

So you see, it doesn’t matter where you are in regard to Covid: If you serve in leadership for a missions agency or missional church in 2021, “Innovate” is what you want to do. Registration is open – and options are there for virtual or in-person participation. Watch the ‘trailer’ video. Imagine taking part. Check it out today. https://missionexus.org/innovate-2021/