Growing up on a farm in southern Indiana, my Dad (Doug’s Dad) and brothers would often hunt for quail the entire morning on Thanksgiving. For me (Doug), it was all about Macy’s parade. I loved seeing the bands, the floats, and all the 20-story-high balloons. For some reason, it just seemed to point the way to Christmas, just around the corner. As a kid, I guess I needed and loved those signposts. I still love those signposts today. In this outlandish pandemic year, filled with conflict and craziness, perhaps the most unprecedented thing is how often we’ve heard the word, “unprecedented.” In the middle of all of it, however, I just keep calling up those simple childhood memories. They somehow bring peace.
What works for you? What brings you peace? How, in the middle of all the chaos, do you manage to hold it together? If you wouldn’t mind sharing your Thanksgiving memory, or maybe “what’s your secret for peace,” please click “Comment” below and let us know. We’re eager to hear. And – Happy Thanksgiving!