Team Expansion’s Communications Team has prepared these 31 sheets as a guide for “walking the world” in your prayer time. This would be a great activity with your kids. You could go through it just as a one-time deal for one month, or, use them as our International Services team does – as a daily guide for every workday throughout the world. We come together at 9:10am on Zoom. Our workers often join us from countries all over the planet. We use this PDF download – colorful sheets with countries named, along with population, number of unreached (according to our friends at, and the names of the “rulers of those lands.” (Remember what Paul said — 1 Timothy 2:2) We make ourselves pronounce these names – so they become familiar to us, almost like… we know them personally. We print, on the backs of the sheets, the names of our workers and their pictures. But, of course, that’s in-house only. We never distribute those. But these cover pages we can distribute to you for free! We checked and, yes, the logo is there as an identifier — but note that there’s no address or appeal for funds. This is not a masked fundraiser. We’d seriously love just to dare you to pray through the entire world, once a month. And if we all do this, maybe it would help us with THIS problem: Maybe you’ve got a similar problem in the country in which you live? Many people just don’t know the world. So now, with these prayer sheets, you can “walk the world” in prayer!