This past week, surely we all came to a united conclusion: We have to find a way to end and heal conflicts between whites and our Black (African American) brothers and sisters. Confession: I don’t know how yet. But are you ready to join me in learning? I’ve started the course on “whiteness” at Be the Bridge. I’m talking (at more than surface level) with my Black (African American) friends. I’m learning that we (here in the USA) promised land after the Civil War then never gave it. We cheated. We lied. And we’ve stolen enough. Let’s get it right this time. I see that in Ezekiel 18, it’s the soul that sins that should be held accountable. So I understand that I’m not accountable for the sins of those who have gone before me. But I still ACHE for them. And I’m so sorry they — we — haven’t restored it. So — first step — I’m learning. I’m listening. And I’m loving. Join me? We began with a major conversation and prayer time on this in a previously-scheduled “Call to Prayer” webinar event last week. Watch the replay at