What apps have you come to appreciate most for assisting in sharing the Good News? We know of a couple. The Discover App (search Discover Bible in your app store) helps you facilitate discovery Bible studies, which can, in turn, be very useful in launching a disciple-making movement (DMM). It makes the Bible more accessible in English, Arabic, Somali, Dari, Pashto, Indonesian and Uyghur (Turkish, Urdu, Spanish and Swahili are all coming). Learn more at https://discoverapp.org/ . There’s also the M28 Global Discipleship App http://www.m28global.org/mobile-app.html. It helps prompt users in “God’s Story” passages, complete with response features. Now there’s also an app for Zume. Just click to https://zume.training/app. Zume has already helped train hundreds of groups full of thousands of believers in the principles and strategies of launching disciple-making movements. What other apps do you like?