This guy. I (Doug) remember him in the 80s and 90s big-time. He was super-active in the AD2000 & Beyond Movement. In 1989 (Was that Lausanne II in Manilla), I think he was living in a garbage dump with the poor in Manilla. But later, I think he was living with the urban poor in India. And later, I think he was teaching with Betty Sue Brewster at Fuller. Suddenly, this guy popped back up last week. I was at a convention and a friend and fellow missions-CEO was kind enough to go to great lengths to connect me. (Thanks Kip! By the way, the guys in the picture are Viv, Doug, and Kip.) Viv is at it again, figuring out Kingdom economics, helping us understand Kingdom-based values in “Economic Discipleship.” Learn more about his ten Biblical principles of economics here: