We get this question. When they’re out of order, we’re super-sorry. We can imagine that it’s an inconvenience. We use this complex process that involves a WordPress plug-in plus an RSS feed from the website. What we CAN tell you is that, when the email version is out of order, it’s usually because the plug-in vendor has updated something — and our RSS feed isn’t quite as compatible as it was before. We can always tell you that we’re always really sorry and we go to work on it immediately. Because of the nature of the way we do the edition, we can’t EXACTLY test it (like we used to test it in a simple MailChimp newsletter layout). But the PAYOFF is pretty large: When this approach work it saves us a couple of hours *per* *edition*. That’s huge. MOST of the time, we believe it works. Either way, we ALWAYS receive a copy so we ALWAYS see it the moment it happens. (If it’s out of order, no need to tell us. Sigh. We see it the same time you do.) We’re working to make sure it never happens again. We hope. : )