TripIt is a web service and app that can help you keep track of your upcoming flights, rental cars, hotels, and more. You can even make note of your meetings and conferences. As you build your itinerary in TripIt, the service will automatically check with the airlines you use to keep you up-to-date about the latest gate changes, delays, and more. The basic service is free, but for a small fee ($49 per year), TripIt Pro will even hunt alternative flights for you if your flight is delayed or canceled (and a lot more). Privacy is a top concern. They promise that, if your information is shared, it is shared only in aggregated form. Read their privacy policy for more info. Once it’s set up correctly, you can configure TripIt so it shows all your flights in your Outlook calendar. That’s cool. Learn more about the product here:


Learn how to lash it up with Outlook here: