7) Teaching English Online as a Ministry

There are dozens of companies that you can teach English online for. One of the best for ministry purposes is Enlai (or Native Camp). This website connects you with mostly adult Japanese language learners. About half of these students just want to talk with an English speaker, so you have twenty-five minutes to get to know and hopefully have spiritual conversations with them, while getting paid! Learn more at…




2 Responses to 7) Teaching English Online as a Ministry
  1. JoAnna Reply

    Their website references “you’ll hear back from us by Sept 2017” and their twitter page has had no posts since 2017. So I’m wondering if you found this item from a random google search or a person who is using them and referred them to you? Anybody have actual experience with them?

    • Editor Reply

      JoAnna, this site was recommended to us by a person who was active in seeking such a service. But you’re right — the two-year old dates DO look suspect. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!!!

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