7) This is how to reach UPGs in North America

United World Mission and their network of ministries in North America provide strategic opportunities to connect individuals and churches with more than 25 unreached people groups that now live in cities such as Charlotte, Philadelphia, Portland, Toronto, Phoenix, Dallas, Colorado Springs, New York City, and Clarkston. If you’re ready to Engage, contact Jordan

jordandotsmithatuwmdotorg  (jordandotsmithatuwmdotorg)   or Mark

markdotszymanskiatuwmdotorg  (markdotszymanskiatuwmdotorg)  




2 Responses to 7) This is how to reach UPGs in North America
  1. Jerome Hannaman Reply

    As I am attempting understand who all the different people groups are, especially the Unreached, that are here in the greater Los Angeles area. I am very interested who your 25 unreached people groups are in the cities you have listed and what specifically you are doing to reach them. So would love to learn more of your ministry to these people here.

  2. CODY U WATSON Reply

    Interested in what you have in Birmingham, AL

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